10 C’s You Need To Follow To Increase The Longevity Of Your Laptop

Do we replace ourselves if we get injured? No! We simply repair those injuries by any means. In the same way, even non-living things can last longer if we take good care of its injuries and not replace it instead of repairing it. Likewise, if we talk about our computers or laptops or any other devices that we use daily, You can even make your laptop last longer. 

With the help of only some basic care techniques, you can easily extend your laptop’s life for years and enjoy its benefit more conveniently even without replacing it or spending money in the repair shops. There are some simple do’s and don’ts that we can adapt to make our laptops last long.

There are ten major C’s of computer care that you need to bear in mind to make your laptop last longer

  • Current- It asserts that we should keep the operating system of our laptops/computers up to date i.e; updated. We should keep all the apps and functions of the laptops up to date such as the virus protection apps or any other apps. And the best way to stay updated is to set each setting of the laptop to “automatic” so that it gets updated on its own and you do not even have to think about it.
  • Clean- It implies that we should keep our laptops, or computers clean all the time i.e; we should avoid any kind of dirt, dust, or junk to get inside the laptop keys or the on the screen to make sure that it does not harm the working of our laptops. So it’s better to keep your laptops closed when not in use. And try not to keep them close to any kind of food or drink. But some amount of dust is obvious. So clean your laptop from time to time. At least dust them out once every day.
  • Clear- In case that the laptop windows is having a hard drive instead of a solid-state drive, then you should defragment it about once a month using the “disk optimization” tool to keep its performance effective. Some windows defragment themselves weekly but if you notice that your laptop is working slowly, then you should do it once a month. And make sure to delete all the unnecessary files and folders stored on the laptop. And it is also important to uninstall the unnecessary apps on your device otherwise it takes up the required space for important files. This helps to extend your laptop’s life a bit more and reduces unnecessary data clogging.
  • Cool- Keep your laptops or computers at a cool temperature. Overheating damages the computer systems and hence makes it slower and ultimately reduces its life span. So we should keep the laptop or computer devices away from direct sunlight as the additional heat blocks the vents of the device and makes it slower. 
make your laptop last longer
  • Consistent- The consistency of the laptops/computers should be maintained properly. For this, we just need to keep upgrading our laptops/computers at regular intervals.
  • Cushioned- If you are going for the transportation of your laptops, then make sure that you are keeping it inside a padded wrapper or packet and see that you do not drop the laptop or keep any tool or device on it. Your laptop may be harsh but the tiny little components of that laptop may get damaged very easily if we are not responsible enough with this.
  • Cord- Make sure to keep the cord of the laptop in good shape and at the correct place. People usually bend it or keep it in a way that the connectors of the cord get disconnected or damaged very easily. Hence make sure not to take such risks which would ultimately cost you much.
  • Continuity- Each time we open our laptops to use them, we do give it slight stress. And if you want to keep your laptops away from this wear and tear risk, make sure to keep it open even when not in the use of you are using it continuously at regular intervals. Do not switch on and off for a very short period as it decreases the performance quality of your device. It’s better to keep it on if you are to use it in a short interval of the break. And if you are using it at longer intervals, then it’s better to keep it off. 
  • Corrections- We should make necessary corrections to our device in case it behaves in a different way than usual. We must make sure that there is not even the slightest problem in our device or else these slightest problems can lead to bigger ones at certain times and it costs much if it creates problems in the worst possible time such as any meeting, etc. So in order to make the corrections, we can take the tech support or take it to any technical shop before the problem gets bigger or worst.
  • Connection- Connect your laptops to a high-quality surge protector whenever it is possible. Select a portable version for your computers or laptops so that you can even power it up away from its usual surge protector. A surge can destroy your laptop in a very bad way. It damages the modem and even the router of your device. So select the best for your device.

Although these care techniques when taken seriously, can surely increase your laptop’s life span it is always good to be responsible enough to be prepared for the worst even at good times. It simply means that you should always keep a backup of your laptop or your computer in case it ever gets damaged by any means which further harms you or costs you much more than the little bit of responsible behavior to take care of our own devices and to prepare a backup too, beforehand. So, make your laptop last longer with these simple steps!

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