Google Is Updating Its Apps: 12 Latest Features Coming To Google Apps

The most awaited Google’s annual conference I/O 2021 which was previously cancelled in 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic was held from May 18 to May 20 this year. This open to all event brought in many interesting announcements and information about the latest features coming to Google apps such as Google Maps, Google search, Google Lens, Google Photos, etc.

All the details and information about the upcoming products and plans of Google were explained at this event. These new features open up to an entirely new approach in terms of user experience and how these apps are currently being used! In this article, we will discuss in detail the 12 new features being launched by Google to its applications which were also the highlights of this grand event.

Let us check out what these new features are now that we know the general keynotes of the event.

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New features for Google Photos

Cinematic moments

The ‘Cinematic moments’ feature will help the users to create animated photos from the photos or still shots stored in Google Photos. As the name suggests, this feature will add a cinematic or animated effect to the usual photos by adding computational photography to it.

The magic behind this feature is the algorithm known as the ‘Neural network’ algorithm that synthesizes movement between identical photos and fills the gap between the two photos with new frames which gives an impression of moving, vivid images. Hence, one can easily create animated images from their photographs!

Memories and new features

Google memories help its users to revive old memories and relive the feel by reminding them of the photos on the exact day which one might forget with time. This pleasant reminder might not be the same for every photo as some are better when let off. Hence, to help those who want only certain photos or certain people to come as memories periodically, a new feature which allows such segregation with a few clicks!

It allows users to remove either a single photo or more than one photo from a Memory, renamed, or deleted from the group, hence the user can easily choose the content that they want to look back at.

Another new feature that enables the application to read the similarities between two photos and compile them as memories called the ‘Little Patterns’, will be useful to arrange memories based on the occasion. For example, the pictures taken at a particular event or festival will have the name tag of the occasion, hence one can easily access it.

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Password protection on Google Photos

This feature will enable the users to create password-protected folders such that the photos added in the folder will not appear when one simply scrolls through the collection and will neither be found in the shared albums nor in Google Photos. This privacy feature will first be available on the Google Pixel phones, followed by the Android devices.

New features for Google Lens 

Google Lens has several functions and it allows the user to get instant Google results about the products or material by scanning it. It helps in translation, identify the type of plant or animal, scan the codes, know about your surroundings, etc. Now, Google has announced a new feature that will help the users to use Google Lens on the screenshots stored in Google Photos and get to know about the locations where the product is available.

Hence, Google Lens will be assisting your shopping and provide its users with the information about where exactly to buy that item or product!

Advancements using Android smartphones

TV remote control

The first feature related to the Android phone will be its built-in remote control with which the Android users can control their Smart TVs, as more than 80 million TV have Android TV  OS which includes Google TV. This feature will completely eradicate the requirement of the typical TV remote and use personal smartphones instead.

Car locking feature

This feature will enable all the Android-enabled auto car users to lock, unlock and start their vehicle using their Android smartphone. This will make the smartphone act as a digital key and the Pixel, Samsung Galaxy phone users will be enjoying the first-hand experience of this advanced feature. Also, Google said that it is working with BMW and others to enable the same in their future launches.

New features for Google Maps

Safe route suggestions

This is one of the cool features coming to Google apps that will allow the users to take safer routes in addition to the current recommendation of faster routes. The total number of lanes, direct approach of the path to the destination, and least possibility of accidents will help to conclude, hence making the route reasonably safe.

Live View feature

This will be an AR or Augmented Reality based feature which Google will be adding to Google Maps for the users to enjoy real-time information about the shops, restaurants, etc based on recent reviews and pictures.

Customized place recommendations

Customized suggestions about the most relevant places for their visit based on the purpose, location, and time of the day will hence highlight the places that the users might be looking for, automatically.

New features for Google Chrome

Auto-delete feature

This feature will allow the users to enjoy a quick delete feature which will be added to their Search, such that it will delete the last 15 minutes of browsing history automatically. This feature will be under the Google Account Menu, for which one has to simply click on their profile picture on the top right corner.

Change leaked passwords

This feature will allow the users to change their hacked or leaked passwords along with intimating them with alerts. A change password button or option will now be available to do the same within the application.

Strong password building

This feature will initially roll out in the US followed by the users of other countries, who have synced their passwords with their Chrome browser. This feature will help users to build a strong and unique password if Google finds that the password has been compromised.

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Final words

In this article, we have discussed the 12 new features coming to Google apps that will be available for users to enjoy from this year. Hope this was useful for you to know about the cool new features that Google will be launching!


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