4 Covid-19 Apps You Should Use Right Now

The onset of pandemic and the increase in the cases of coronavirus has taken a toll on everyone’s mental and physical health. In this adverse situation, social media has played a great role in many different ways from raising funds to tracking corona positive patients.

Therefore, the mobile apps for coronavirus have a big role in controlling and managing the coronavirus situation in the world. Throughout the world, from Australia to America these apps have been downloaded by people everywhere to ensure their safety and help others in need. 

The apps safeguard your privacy during these times and help you to look for options to help others. Today, technology is acting as a digital tool that has a big hand in diagnosing the affected, giving people real-time updates and identifying and warning about the hotspots nearby you. Here, let us take a look at different COVID-19 apps that one should know about. 

Important COVID-19 apps to look for in this time of need 

Here are the most popular COVID-19 apps that are available on all your smartphones to seek help during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Aarogya Setu app

This is one of the most popular mobile apps for coronavirus as it has been already installed by millions of people since its launch. With around 50 million users, the Aarogya Setu app has become one of the most downloaded COVID-19 apps to help others combat coronavirus in the world. 

This application has been created by the IT industry and the Indian Ministry of Electronics. This application keeps all the data on the individual recovering or being impacted and will let you know if you have a data subject crossing your route. The tracking functions with the help of Bluetooth and the location-generated graph. The Aarogya Setu app is available in 11 languages on both Android and iOS platforms.

Trace Together app

Another very popular app that is famous for helping through the coronavirus outbreak is the Trace Together app which can be downloaded by anyone who has a Singaporean phone number and a phone that has Bluetooth enabled.

The app plays a significant role in monitoring those afflicted with covetousness, providing citizens with autonomous guidance and real-time information, decreasing the strain on medical personnel and physicians. It also notifies you if you are in proximity with someone who has been diagnosed with covid 15 days ago. 

The phone uses Bluetooth to track locations and the Trace Together ID to tell if you have been around them some time and if they are covid positive.  The app is developed by the Ministry of Health and the Government Technology Agency. 

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Covid watch 

The Covid watch created in partnership with Stanford University is another popular application, Covid-19. The covid watch motivates and empowers people to quarantine themselves during the outbreak, gives them guidelines regarding self-quarantine and helps in their protection without risking their privacy at all. 

This app also uses Bluetooth to track if you are in proximity to someone who is affected with covid and if you have been in proximity with a positive patient then it alerts you anonymously. One of the best features of this app is that it does let the government or any other third party apps access the users’ information. This is something not present in the above-mentioned Covid-19 applications.

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Covid symptom tracker 

The covid symptom tracker app has been designed by doctors and other researchers and King’s College London and St. Thomas Hospital in partnership with Zoe Global which is a private healthcare company. The covid symptom tracker researches and studies the different symptoms of covid and helps to know how the virus is spread.

Moreover, the app also analyzes those areas in the UK that have a high risk of spreading the virus, the speed of the virus, the groups susceptible to it and how to prevent it, all with the help of the data it collects. Even though the app mainly centres around the UK, yet it has been quite beneficial for controlling the citation during the increase in coronavirus cases in the country. 

Final words

Apart from these apps, there are many social distancing apps used by restaurants, supermarkets, etc to avoid crowding and maintain social distancing. For example, the restaurants use social distancing apps to notify the customers when their table is ready, meanwhile, other apps measure the distance between you and others and alert you if you are too close to them. Some of the social distancing apps that you can use are1point5, mContain, etc. 

These are the most helpful and most popular covid-19 apps that you can use to control and prevent you and your loved ones from the deadly virus.  

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