Be Eco-Friendly While Revving Your Ride: 5 Best Electric Bikes For You To Buy In India

When we hear the word electric bikes, we usually imagine it to be a kind of scooter or bicycle that runs on electricity. While our imagination might not be vivid and entirely true, we get the gist. Electric bikes look more classy in reality. Therefore, let us talk about the best electric bike to buy in India. 

Why should you buy an electric bike?

As we grow more environmentally conscious and take measures to control the current degrading state of our surroundings, electric bikes are one of the best ways to protect the natural environment. The electric bikes are environment-friendly that run on battery and electricity instead of petrol or diesel, like other bikes.

Moreover, they are more futuristic than their other counterparts. Now coming to the talk about some of the best electric bikes in India, we have leading companies like Bajaj, TVS and Hero that heads the list of the production of best electric bike to buy in India. 

How to choose the best electric bike?

There are many factors that you need to consider before you plan to buy an electric bike, for example, the battery capacity of the bike, hours it takes to charge, cost of the bike, etc. Also, before you purchase any vehicle, always remember to take a test drive and check the comfort, balance and whether you can handle the bike.

Another important thing that is generally overlooked by most of us is the warranty of each bike. Even though it is generally the same for most of them, one should always take a look at the warranty as there is a lot of contradictory information that you will hear, therefore, the best is to take a look yourself. 

Here are some of the best electric bikes to buy in India

Here is our list of the best electric bikes that you can buy in India, along with other necessary details, like price, features, etc. Let us have a look at some of the best electric bikes available in India:

Joy e-bike monster 

The joy e-bike monster is one of the most stylish and classy bikes when it comes to design and physical features. If you look closely or if you are already aware of the designs in different bikes, the style of joy e-bike very much resembles the Ducati motors.

However, the joy e-bike is a mini bike and has small wheels, powered by a battery of 72V/39Ah, a lithium-ion battery. The battery takes around 5-6 hours until fully charged. It can cover 100 km in one charge. The bike is priced at INR 98,666. 

Revolt RV 400 

This is the AI-enabled bike and comes in two versions: standard and premium bike. It covers 150 km in one single charge and has a battery capacity of 3.2 kWh and takes around 4.5 hours to get fully charged. The top speed seen in this bike is around 80 kmph.  The bike is priced at INR 1,29,463. 

Ultraviolet 377

If you want to turn heads while you ride your bike, then ultraviolet’s modern look and the design which is inspired by the aviation space would be something that would leave everyone agape. The specifications of this electric bike are marvellous.

It has internet connectivity, a digital instrument cluster, a smartphone application, ABS, a regenerative braking system, and many more features that one can never find in normal and even other electric bikes. 

The bike has three 4.2kWh batteries that are paired with a 3000 W electric motor. Its top speed is 145 kmph and can go up to 153 km in one single charge, making it the fastest and best electric bike to buy in India. The bike is priced at INR 3,00,000

Revolt RV 300 

Though a new model, it has quickly paved its way into the list of other bikes, making it one of the best electric bike to buy in India. Revolt 300 has many features like a side stand sensor, combi brake systems, motorcycle sounds, and many others. The bike takes around 4.2 hours until fully charged and can cover a distance of 180 km in a single charge.

Courtesy: BikeWale

The bike draws power from a 60V/2.7kWh lithium-ion battery with a 1500 W motor power attached to it. Moreover, the bike has a three-riding mode in it, too. The bike is priced at INR 1,02,981. 

Odysse evoqis 

If you are a sports person looking for an electric bike, then the odysse evoqis is the best electric sportbike that is available in India. It even has a music system, a keyless entry, anti-theft lock and many more. The highest speed in this bike is seen at about 80 kmph. The bike takes around six hours to charge and has a motor power of 3000 W. The battery takes 6 hours until full. Odysse evoqis is priced at the cost of INR 1,57,000.

These were the best electric bikes that you can buy in India. Depending on your necessity and preferences, you can choose among these best. 


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