5 Best Software For Call Recording- Now You Will No Longer Miss Out Important Information!

Looking for the best software for call recording? A call recording app can be a useful tool for various purposes. For instance, recording customer calls to your customer care would help you analyze and customer expectations easily. Moreover, you can even refer them in the future to resolve queries.

In addition to this, a call recording software can be a handy tool for recording a brainstorming session with your colleagues or keeping logs of your phone calls for admin purposes.

Though there is plenty of call recording software for android phones available in the app store. Most of them are difficult to handle and are not very user-friendly. The best software for call recording should be simple and easy not only to record calls on your device. But also capable of managing and storing them properly.

In this article, we will walk you through a few of the top call recording software for android phones. 

NOTE: We would like to suggest you ensure that usage of call recording software is legal in your location. Few countries and states have made the practice of call recording illegal. Therefore, it is best to look into the law first and then proceed with the usage of the application.

What is call recording software?

A call recording application allows you to record any incoming or outgoing calls from your Android smartphone. These applications help in setting up a digital record of calls made and received by the user which can be used for future reference.

Usually, the best call recording software has the following features:

  • The call recording software should easily download the recorded files on your PC or have access to the cloud for high storage.
  • It should be able to record all the incoming as well as the outgoing calls from your phone.
  • The software should not have any limitation over recording the communication.
  • Call recording software should have features like sorting the recordings based on dates and deleting unwanted recordings etc.

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Ways to record a phone call

There are many ways to record a phone call on your phone. At present, many android phones are manufactured with an integrated call recorder app, that allows you to record conversation during a phone call. However, iPhones do not come with an in-built app for call recording as it is considered illegal in many countries.

In case, your phone does not come with an integrated application, then you can even install third-party call recording software for your device. 

Best call recording software for android

1. ACR Call Recorder

ACR call recording software is a simple and free app for android users. This simple app enables you to automatically record every call that takes place on your phone. This app also enables you to search for call recordings by contact names and easily share recordings right from the app itself. ACR call recorder comes with an additional auto-delete feature so that your android smartphone’s memory does not get crowded.

Like everything, even this software has a downside. Once you turn off the automatic call recording and want to manually turn on the recording for a specific call, then you will have to upgrade to the paid version of the application.

2. Cube Call Recorder

Many of the call recording apps do not work if you use a voice-over IP or VoIP app. They only work if you use the phone’s integrated call recording software. This app has the best software for call recording if you want to record not only the normal call conversation but also record calls from other applications. It supports the recording of calls through Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack, and more.

The trial version of this app comes with many useful features. For instance, you get the option to choose, whether to record every call or list specific contacts for recording conversation. You can even start a manual recording mid-call in the trial version. However, the free trial period comes with ads.

If you like the app, then you can choose to upgrade to its premium version which comes with additional features. In the premium version, the Cube Call recorder gives you access to automatic backup, file security, and automatic deletion.

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3. Blackbox Call Recorder

Blackbox Call Recorder is one of the best call recording software for professionals. Even though it requires a monthly subscription of $0.99, it is reliable and comes with great security and advanced features. Blackbox Call Recorder software allows you to set up a security password or pin for the app to prevent unauthorized access.

You can organize better by setting up a file directory for your files. And even sort your recordings by date, time, or duration. This app also provides its users with an on-screen widget to manually control the recording. However, it doesn’t work with VoIP calls.

4. Call Recorder Automatic

If you are looking for a call recording app with decent features, then this is the one for you. Call Recorder Automatic is simple and easy to use. This app records the calls and lets you organize and share or save them as you wish to. However, to record the call conversation from both sides you will have to keep your phone on speaker.

5. Otter Voice Notes

This app’s voice note organizer helps with easy storage of the recordings by importing the recordings from other applications. You can even transcribe the recorded call conversations in this app. 

The Otter Voice Notes comes with several features. It lets you start recording inside a group to share the transcript live. This app also provides you with widgets and other shortcuts to record calls instantly. You can even listen to the recording later at an adjustable speed.

The only drawback of this app is that it is a little bit too expensive when compared to other call recording software. Otter Voice Notes is one of the best software for call recording if you want to use it for recording meetings and interviews. 

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Hopefully, this article helped you choose the best software for call recording. If these call recording apps are not serving your purpose, don’t worry, there are plenty of apps available and you can go for the one you like.


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