5 Best VR Handsets Making Noise In 2021

A Virtual Reality headset, otherwise also known as a VR headset has gained immense popularity in the coming years.  The VR headset is commonly used in the gaming spectrum to get a life-like experience by the gamers. But, the potential of VR headset does not stop there at all. There are many other areas in which the VR headset is used like in the military, medical training, sports and education. With a VR headset, you get to experience the stimulating experience which entirely or closely resembles reality. 

All the VR headsets are used along with a pair of headphones with other optional accessories that can be attached to it like hand controllers that will control real-world gestures. The VR devices have their apps where you can browse and download games, just like the smartphone apps. Let us take a look at the best VR headset 2021. 

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Some of the best VR headsets to consider before buying 

Many companies manufacture VR headsets due to which many are not aware of the best ones. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the best VRs to buy. 

Oculus quest 2

One of the best virtual reality headset to buy in 2021. This is a standalone VR  handset that is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. The headset is wireless, except for charging the headset. The Oculus quest 2 provides the users with the highest resolution at 1920 by 1832 per eye. The headset also consists of two motion controls, full DOF, head to hand motion tracking, plus a library of VR software. 

With the features it has, the oculus quest 2 comes at a cheap cost of only INR 40,000, thereby making it a cheap VR headset for PC gaming. To operate this, you must have a Facebook account and this is the only requirements you must be aware of. 

HP Reverb G2

Other VR headsets for PC that offer the best resolution among all the VR headsets. If the image quality is a big condition for you on which you cannot compromise, you can go for HP Reverb G2. It has 2160 by 2160 picture resolution with a 114-degree field of view. This headset is light, comfy, and bets dropdown speakers that are designed by a valve. Moreover, you have no headphone jack so the over-the-ear speakers are your only audio.  The HP Reverb headset coast around INR 52,000, making it a bit costlier than the former. 

Sony PlayStation VR 

The affordability offered by this VR makes it one of the cheapest VR headsets for PC gaming. To play games, all you should have is this headset, a PS4 and a PS camera, which is now included in the PS VR bundles. If you have a PS5 and want to connect your PSVR, then you need an adapter as the PSVR is completely compatible with it. 

Games like until dawn, mozz, rush, etc work with DualShock 4, therefore you do not need motion controls at all. The only disadvantage is the image quality and you do not get enough variations as this is the only VR made by Sony. But, apart from this, PSVR is the first choice for gamers due to its compatibility, low-cost games and cheap price. These are one of the best VR headsets available only for INR 6,490. 

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HTC Vive Cosmos 

This is the upgraded version of vive and enjoys higher resolution and instead of external base stations, it has outward-facing cameras. With a flexible modular system and better motion tracking, this makes one of the best VR handsets, even though it is pricier than the rest. The VR headset has swappable faceplates that mean more cameras for a mixed reality experience and external sensor tracking. 

You can even use vive and valve index accessories, but it is recommended to use Reverb G2 and  Valve Index over the cosmos. It has built-in tracking, a flip-up visor and works best with the steam VR. The VR headset comes for INR 95,290. 

Valve index 
Via: ExtremeTech

The valve index is a next-generation headset with an ultra-crisp display and runs fairly well with the older GPUs as well. Valve index has a higher resolution and a pretty good refresh rate that allows you to use the VR headset for a longer time without any disruption and discomfort. The VR also has the widest field of view with knuckle controllers. The headset is quite expensive and costs around INR 1,35,4500 (full kit). 

Final words

These are the top 5 best VR Headsets that you should consider and dig more into their details if you are planning to buy. 


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