5 Features Of Telegram That You Should Definitely Know About

Telegram is one of the popular text messaging applications that focuses on two key aspects: speed and security. It was launched in the year 2013 for the Android platform and now it has approximately 200 million users on a monthly basis.

Telegram can be used for free to make calls, send messages, and media similar to the most commonly used WhatsApp but one that sets Telegram apart is that you can access the latter from multiple devices unlike the former.

There are several such features that many do not know about Telegram. In this article, we will focus on some of the best features of Telegram that many might not know!

Telegram features 

Telegram is a great messaging app for those who have used it beyond the basics! Let us check out the basic features first and then move to their cool uses.

  • You can text and share media faster.
  • Privacy is given importance and personal chats are end to end encrypted.
  • The data is protected from third parties like marketers or advertisers.
  • Files can be shared. You can share images, videos, etc of size ranging up to 2 GB.
  • Small to large personal or business groups can be created. A group in telegram can have up to 2,00,000 members! So you can manage the replies, mentions and create hashtags for ease of understanding.
  • It can be accessed on smartphones(iOS 9.0 and above, Android 4.0 and above, Windows phone), tablets, and even PCs. 
  • It provides an open sticker platform, GIF search space, and a photo art editor.
  • According to the official FAQs page, by proper cache management, the application could be on your device occupying almost zero space!

How telegram is different from whatsapp?

Telegram uses cloud storage which is in sync with your device, this allows you to access your messages from multiple devices, unlike WhatsApp. You need not worry about privacy breaches as, if you do not want your data to be stored on a device then you can simply store it in the cloud and access it whenever and wherever you want!

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  •  It is faster and secured as they have encryption and multiple data centers.
  • Telegram proves to be a platform for developers to develop and launch their applications as it has an open API. Click here to know more.
  • They also have a Bot API. This allows the developers to:
    1. Develop and design the tools for Telegram.
    2. Integrate with various services.
    3. Connect with users around the world and accept money and transactions through Telegram.

So, if you are searching for an alternative or substitute for your current messaging application then Telegram is a good one.

Best features of telegram

Here are some of the best and must know features that Telegram offers to its users. 

Folders for chat

Telegram allows the user to manage their chats in different groups according to their convenience. For example, you can keep your formal chats and personal chats separate by grouping them. 

To create folders for your chats such that managing the chats would be easy, follow these steps:

  • Open the application.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose the ‘Folders’ option. This will allow you to create the folders you require to add the chats.
  • You can assign the chats, groups, and other channels to each folder. 
  • Each of these folders can be arranged in order of your priority after the default ‘All chats’ folder at the top.

Infinite personal cloud storage

Telegram provides unlimited personal cloud to their users so that accessing multiple devices is possible. The user can save their messages to the cloud which can be retrieved from backup whenever required.

The unlimited space and storage prove to be useful to Telegram users as this isn’t provided by other messaging applications.

Note: Each file that the user sends must not exceed 1.5 GB.

To save the messages, add them using the settings from the triple horizontal lines menu. Once you add them you can access them from all the devices that are logged in from your account.

Find telegram users nearby

This unique feature helps you to find the other users close to you and add them easily. This prevents the usual task of first adding the other user’s contact number followed by finding them in Telegram.

To access this, the users must choose their account to be discoverable. To use this feature follow these steps:

  • Choose the menu tab (the three horizontal lines) and choose the ‘Find People Nearby’.
  • A list of all users near you who have kept their accounts on visible mode would be displayed.
  • To make your account discoverable, choose to Make myself visible option under the ‘People nearby’ settings.

Note: This feature does not get activated by default. The user must give permission and enable it.

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Make group voice calls

You can make voice calls that connect everyone in the group in voice chat easily. The group members can leave the group call if they want.

The voice chats can be left and joined in between. This feature is useful for all the group members to join at the same time. To use this feature follow these steps:

  • Open any group chat.
  • Click on the group name. 
  • From the three dots menu at the top corner.
  • Click on the ‘Start Voice Chat’ option.

Groups and channels

Groups in Telegram are similar to groups in other messaging applications, in which family, friends, or professional colleagues can be added. Click here to browse through some interesting Telegram channels!

Channels take this function to the next level by allowing an unlimited number of subscribers such that a large audience can participate. This is used to share public messages under the channel’s name instead of one single user’s name.

To create a channel follow these steps:

  • Tap the icon in the top-right corner in Chats.
  • Then click the ‘New Channel’ option.

For Android: 

  • Tap the pencil icon in the chat list. 
  • Then click on the ‘New Channel’ option.

For Windows Phone: 

  • Tap the plus button from the bottom bar. 
  • Then click on the ‘New Channel’ option.

At the beginning of a channel, you can send 200 invite links, and once the subscriber number exceeds this limit, the channel functions on its own.

A public channel will have a username that can be shared so that other users can find and connect with it.

Assign administrators

As the owner of the channel, you can assign administrators to manage it. Similarly, administrators can be assigned specific rights or be removed by the channel owner. The trusted admins can add perform the following functions:

  • Add new users
  • Manage the messages
  • Block members
  • Alter the group info
  • Add new admins.
  • Put partial bans on members. To know more about the partial ban in Telegram click here.

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In this article, we have covered all the must-know and best features of Telegram holds for its users. Hope this was useful to learn about the Telegram messaging application and the reason behind its rising popularity.


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