5 Easy Ways To Transfer SMS From One Andriod Phone To Another

The SMS on your android phone will be of a variety of subjects like important personal messages, texts from banks or office-related texts, etc., some of which can be unwanted while some can be very important for you. So when you get a new phone or change your phone due to some reason, one of the top priorities will be the transfer of these important text messages from your old mobile phone to the new one.

If you want to know how to transfer SMS, keep reading the article. You can easily Transfer SMS messages to a new phone in various ways. Let us have a look at all the messages transferring methods between Android smartphones

How to transfer SMS messages from one android phone to another?

Below are a few methods that you can employ to transfer messages from one android phone to another. 

transfer SMS messages

Method 1: Bluetooth – Transfer Messages in A Most Common Way

We are sure that you as a mobile user are familiar with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth file transfer was used earlier by mobile users but now it is the less used transfer methods of this time due to slow speeds. But not to forget it is a good and safest option for the transfer of data like messages and contacts as the data size is small and the speed won’t matter. Let us look at how to use Bluetooth to transfer text messages to a new phone.

Step 1: You need to keep both the mobile phones near to one another and turn on the Bluetooth in both of them. Now Pair both the phones by scanning and confirming the passcode.

Step 2: Then open the Message application on your source phone and choose the messages you wish to transfer to your other device.

Step 3: Now simply tap on the Settings or 2 vertical dots available at the top right corner of the window and hit the Share button. Click on the Bluetooth icon from the small window and then select the name of your destination device.

Step 4: Now Take your destination device and click on Agree to start receiving the selected messages on the new phone.

The time taken for the entire process to complete will depend on the size of all the SMS. Just ensure that the mobiles are kept close until the process is complete.

Method 2: Transfer SMS Using Google Backup

After learning SMS transfer using Bluetooth, let us see how to transfer text messages between Android mobiles using Google backup. Google backup make sure that your backup is stored with Google and you can restore the data to any Android device later using the same Google Account credentials. This whole process backs up your device settings such as the Wi-Fi settings, contacts number, text messages, and even photos, which you can later restore to any Android smartphone. Here is a guide on how to transfer messages from Android to Android device.

First things first, you are supposed to back up the SMS text messages on your old Android device, because then only you can restore it on a new phone.

1. Now, go to ‘Settings’ on your source Android device and then tap ‘Backup’/’Backup and reset’ option. Now, move into the Backup my data section and ensure that ‘Messages’ has been chosen on the list of data types. Lastly, click on ‘Back Up Now’ button.

2. Now, get your target Android mobile and add the same Gmail account credentials to it. Open ‘Settings’, then ‘Accounts> ‘Add Account’ > ‘Google’ > Key in you Google account credentials now and sign in to the same.

3. Lastly, you’re just required to turn on the ‘Automatic Restore’ option to let the backup data get restored on your new Android device. To do this, move to ‘Settings’ > ‘Backup & reset’ > toggle on ‘Automatic restore’ option.

Method 3: Transfer Messages Using SMS Backup & Restore

The SMS Backup & Restore app that is available on Google Play Store can help you restore and backup call records and text messages. It doesn’t support the advanced settings and can only restore the SMS and calls that you have backed up using it. Here is how you can transfer SMS between android phones.

1. Firstly, Install the app on your phone and open it on your old Android phone. Then click on the ‘3 horizontal bars’ found on the top left corner. Now Tap on the ‘Back up now’ option from the menu and then select the ‘Backup’ button.

2. You need to find the ‘SMSBackupRestore’ folder on your device’s local storage and move it to your destination Android mobile phone.

3. You are supposed to install this app on the target device as well and then tap on the ‘3 horizontal bars’ as you did before. Now tap on the ‘Restore’ button from the menu and hit the ‘Local Backup Location’ button.

4. Lastly, Pick the backup file from your Android phone and click on the ‘Restore’ button. The SMS will be restored to the destination device now.

Method 4: Transfer Messages Using Samsung Smart Switch

Exclusively designed for Samsung mobile devices, the Samsung Smart Switch app helps transfer text messages. If you are worried about how to transfer messages from Android to Android (for a Samsung device) then this app the right pick for you. This app helps you in transferring text messages from any iOS/Android phone to a Samsung smartphone.

1, You need to Install Samsung Smart Switch app on the source and destination devices and then open it.

2. Now get your source device and select a mode of transfer from there, let us take ‘Wireless’ as an example. Now, choose the data type i.e. ‘Messages’ and then select the ‘Send’ button.

3. Go to the destination Samsung phone and tap on the ‘Accept’ button to receive the incoming text messages on your device.

Method 5: Transfer SMS using Android SMS Transfer

There are also a few apps that are readily available that you can use to transfer SMS messages between android. For example, the Android SMS Transfer is one of the time-honoured apps that can help you in this situation.

This app will first take a backup of your Android messages and can later restore them to the targeted Android phone. The messages will then be exported to an Android SD card, which will later be used for restoring SMS. Even though the SMS transfer process is not as quick and direct as MobileTrans – Phone Transfer, but it can meet your basic SMS transfer requirements.

Firstly, download the Android SMS Transfer app on the source mobile and open it. Click on the “Backup SMS” option from its welcome page. 

Now, You will be asked to name the backup file of your mobile’s messages. You just need to enter any file name and proceed.

The app will then display that the SMS backup has been taken and stored on the Android SD card.

Now you can safely remove the SD card that contains the Android SMS backup, and insert it into your new Android mobile phone.

Open the app once again and tap on the “Restore SMS” option. Then simply Browse the backup file having your texts and then restore them to the target Android phone.

There you go! Now with the help of the methods mentioned above, you can easily transfer SMS from one Android to another. 

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