Take Your iPhone Experience To The Next Level: 6 Best Apps For iPhone

The iPhone is the smartphone launched by the renowned global company – Apple Inc. It is popular for its uniqueness in terms of its operating system, security standards, etc that stands out from the crowd. 

One can download apps for iPhone from the App store which is the exclusive app store platform, maintained and developed by Apple Inc. These include all kinds of applications similar to those available for the Android platform. In this article, let us discuss the free apps along with some of the best-paid apps for iPhone that one must try!

Best apps for iPhone 

If you are an iPhone user then optimized iPhone apps are highly recommended for the best user experience. These exclusive applications are the factor that sets iPhones apart from smartphones with Android OS. To help you out with some of the apps that are worth exploring here is the list of the latest applications that every iPhone user must check and try. 

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Inkwork is one of the image editing apps for the iPhone that aids to transform a photo into a sketch, or drawing hence improving its art-like appeal. This interesting application costs $2.99 and can come in handy as it is compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

With this application, the instant transformation of multiple photos into ink drawings is possible without affecting its quality. Over 90 variations of styles are available for the users to choose from and produce unique results based on the difference in the paper colour, ink, etc.

These digital arts are ready for sharing on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc directly from the app. Hence, this application is the one-stop solution to create own yet artistic images.


This is yet another editing app for iPhone available at the cost of $1.99 and is also compatible with iPads. As the name suggests, it is useful to make changes to captured content by retouching. Different tools are available with which any unwanted objects, blemishes on the face, improper lighting, etc are fixed within a few minutes.

The latest updates have enabled changes possible in the privacy settings in case of accidental gallery access permissions by the user to the app and the maximum allowable resolution of photos up to 25 MP for the latest iPads. This must-have photo application works like magic as any unwanted background is removable such that the gap can be seamlessly filled.

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Guru Maps Pro

This app helps the user to drive on off-beaten paths by proper navigation and options like offline viewing, turn-by-turn direction, etc. No matter how far or off-grid the user gets Guru Maps Pro would provide directions as it can work in offline mode also.

Every month, the maps with corrections and alterations make each download accurate with directions that would be easily available. Apart from this one can personalize their routes by adding favourite locations and recording their GPS tracks. Hence, enjoy amazingly detailed maps at $49.99 to conquer and discover new routes.


Snapseed is a free photo editing app with a huge range of editing tools that are easy to use. The user experience is good hence anyone who uses it would like it as it makes photos better. The changes or adjustments of exposure, colour, and sharpening, etc are possible.

The other common tools similar to that of other apps are also available such as options to crop, rotate, straighten, etc. Additional effects, filters, blur, frames, text, etc are also available. This app is suitable for beginners as well as experienced photographers for stunning edited results and better finesse. 


LastPass is a secured password manager that everyone must use as it keeps passwords encrypted and synced. This app provides a combination of secured logging in of credentials with the convenience of syncing them. It costs $36 per year and is worth it.

There are three separate plans which include free features, premium features, and family options. Some of the unique features are – 1 GB shared folder access, advanced multifactor options, tech support, dark web monitoring, etc.

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Darkroom is a photo editor app for iPhone that has several interesting tools to enhance photos. This efficient app is easy to understand and provides a smooth user experience. Within a few minutes, one can explore the tools and their importance in terms of cropping, making detailed adjustments, as these edits are non-destructive.

This means that the direct saving of these adjustments to the camera roll is possible. All those in search of seamlessly transforming images must try this application.

Other iPhone apps

Here is the list of few other applications that are worth exploring and paying if required:

  • LibriVox – $2.99 (Audio books app)
  • Meditate Plus – $ 2.99 (Meditation guidance)
  • Overcast – $9.99 per year/ Free features available (Podcast management and downloads)

The iPhone is also known for the best gaming experience, hence games like Monument Valley 2 that come for $ 4.99 would keep you engaging as it is filled with puzzles and other fun activities. Other gaming options include Reigns and Race for the galaxy.

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Final words

In this article, we have covered some of the best apps for iPhone that one must explore and enjoy. This list of paid and free applications have unique features which set them apart from other usual applications. I Hope, this was useful for you to decide and choose from some of the best solutions and download apps for iPhone, iPad, etc.


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