6 Outlook Tips And Tricks That You Should Know

Almost all the millennials and gen z out there have a common problem of mismanagement of time and day to day activities, Isn’t it? We often wish about the day we will manage our emails or messages and spend our days in procrastination. Well, if you are one of them then you might be aware of Outlook or maybe you might not be! Whatever the scenario is, today in this article we talk about the Outlook tips and tricks which you should know so that you can use this more efficiently.

But before we dig about the outlook tips, what exactly is the Outlook? What it is used for? What are outlook tips and tricks? Well, too many questions are there so we will proceed step by step. 

What is Outlook?

Basically, Outlook helps you to organize or manage your emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, and to-do-lists, all in one place. The organization starts with your email account apparently where you can start working with the emails, tasks, to-do-lists, and you can also store the information about the people with whom you interact so that you don’t have to remember their names, email address or a phone number. It is very much important to organize these things and helps you with time and document management.

With Outlook on your PC, Mac or mobile device, you can:

  • Organize email which will help you to focus on the messages that matter most.
  • Organize and share your calendar to schedule meetings with comfort.
  • Share files from the cloud so recipients always have the latest version.
  • Stay connected and productive wherever you are.

 But what are the Outlook tips which one should be aware of? Let’s find it out!

What are Outlook tips and tricks?

Here are some Microsoft Outlook tips you should know so that you can use Outlook more efficiently. 

1. Have Outlook talk to you 

Well, when we say Outlook talking, it’s Cortana, Microsoft’s productivity assistant speaking. Cortana id desegregated into Outlook mobile with Play Your Emails. After setting this on your Outlook you can actually listen to your new emails! Isn’t it cool? In fact, you can manage your emails by just using your voice, hands-free, you can delete, unread, flag, and reply to messages.

Well, Cortana not only reads your emails but also can help you to organize them! The AI helps you to know about the changes to events and even helps you to recognize schedule conflicts that we commonly face on Calendar. You can see how it works!

2. You can use Focused Inbox 

outlook tips

We are aware of this problem when it comes to a cluttered inbox which can be annoying at some point. By using the Outlook tips of Focused Inbox you can create two inboxes which are- one which is focused and the Other. Then, you can manage accordingly between the two with a simple slide of the button on top, Isn’t it easy to manage with the help of these Outlook tips?

Well, Outlook helps to sort your email for you, from moving important messages to “Focused” and some unwanted or spam mails to “Other.” You can quickly organize messages by moving them from one part of the inbox to the other. You can also select “Always Move to Focused” or vice versa if you want communications or emails from that contacts to appear in a particular place. And the best part of this is the more you use Focussed Inbox Outlook tips the more it helps you to sort your emails in the future. 

3. Share your calendars 

Let’s accept the fact that we all waste a lot of time in meetings, isn’t it? So when you keep working on that within your management, Outlook helps you to take away the carelessness of trying to manage your stuff in yet another meeting.

With the help of shared calendars in Outlook,  first of all, go into your calendar settings and select people you would like to share, such as employees or friends. You can give different color code to different teams and organize permissions to let the people you’re sharing with view only, edit, or manage your calendar. Adding to it, you can also select what details you share determining between All, Only Titles and Locations, or Only When I’m Busy. 

4. Mention someone to get their attention 

Sometimes when we are working in our workplace with someone, we can say “Hello, What’s Up?” Mentioning his/her name gets that person to look up to what he’s doing. You can also do this with your phone with Outlook @ mentions. When you person in an email message, the receiver will see they have been called into the conversation. This is one of the Microsoft outlook tips which you can use to mention someone to get their attention.

5. Customize your swipe options 

While shopping on websites you swipe to your favorite products just like that you can be as decisive in your Outlook inbox too, Isn’t it cool? First Open Outlook mobile Settings and Click on Swipe Options.

You can select Swipe Right or Swipe Left to a number of selected actions: 

  • Delete  
  • Mark as Read 
  • Mark as Unread 
  • Flag 
  • Archive 

These are the important Outlook tips you should know!

6.  You can use “do not disturb” 

Constantly checking out your emails can be annoying and at some time be toxic. We are checking that little button for the new message. But it’s quite distracting. Make sure you’re focusing on what’s important at that moment. By turning off notifications from apps, so you can turn your attention to that meeting or report you need to finish.  

You can schedule a set do not disturb every afternoon before you leave for the day. This way, a quiet period can help you get organized and ready for tomorrow. Or, you can start a timed do not disturb session that begins right away on an as-needed basis. 

To solve this [roblem you can always switch to do not disturb for a particular time of the day. This way you can actually organize your work and get ready for the next day. This feature helps you to actually save your time, organize, and be productive. These are the ms Outlook tips that you can use.


These are the Outlook tips one should know about and these Microsoft Outlook tips are really efficient if you want to save and organize your work. It helps you to be productive. We hope this article was helpful.

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