3 Easiest Ways To Insert A Youtube Video Into PowerPoint

Collecting information is hard, but to arrange and present it coherently needs skill and brains, both. For the latter part, you need to have apt knowledge of the workings and settings of the PowerPoint. 

As each one of us is more or less aware of making PowerPoint presentations and adding pictures to them attracts people more towards your topic. Similarly, adding videos, especially youtube videos not only enhance your entire presentation on PowerPoint but also explains the topic covered in it in an easy and catchy manner.

As youtube is the most widely used platform for viewing videos, then why not add in your PowerPoint too?

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Therefore, putting a link in your PowerPoint presentation that directs you to the youtube page is a little bit distracting. Finding a video on youtube is very easy, but to add it to your PowerPoint presentation requires a few more steps that most of us are not aware of yet. 

Let us learn about different ways to add a youtube video to a PowerPoint presentation without further ado. 

How to add a YouTube video in PowerPoint?

There are many ways to insert youtube videos into PowerPoint. Let us look at the different ways to add a youtube video in PowerPoint.

1.Embed a youtube video as an online video on PowerPoint

As adding youtube videos in PowerPoint started to become more common than before, Microsoft added the ‘Search youtube video’ in the PowerPoint itself to help the users with it and thereby making locating and embedding it in your PowerPoint presentations easier. Here are the steps to add a youtube video in PowerPoint:

  1. Go to youtube and search for the video you would like to embed in your presentation.
  2. Click and copy the link to the video in the address bar.
  3.  Open your presentation and select the insert tab where you will find the video option.
  4. Click on the online video option from the drop-down menu. 
  5. A dialogue box pops up with two options under it. Choose the youtube option and paste the link to the youtube video you copied in step 2 under the ‘Search youtube’ box.
  6. Press enter.
  7. Now, select and click on the video thumbnail and tap the ‘Insert’ button.
  8. The video is inserted and you can resize and add the desired transition according to your choice. 

It is a quick method and easy to perform. The only drawback is that it requires internet connectivity and playback are not customizable. Also, if you use an old version of PowerPoint (2007), you cannot perform this step. 

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2. Add a youtube video in PowerPoint with an embed code

Add a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

Using an embed code is yet another way to insert youtube video into PowerPoint. Let us have a look at how:

  1. Go to youtube and find the youtube video you want to add to your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Open the video and under the video thumbnail click on the share option.
  3. Click on the ‘Embed’ icon that appears in the pop-up menu in the share option.
  4. A new window appears with embed code and different embed options for you. Here you can make many changes like choosing from where the video should start, show and hide video controls, enabling or disabling the video privacy mode, etc. 
  5. Copy the entire HTML string.
  6. Click on the slide and select the Insert tab.
  7. From the Insert menu, click on the video icon and select the online video option. 
  8. Paste the embed code in the popup box that appears and press enter.

This is a better option than the previous one as it gives you more control regarding the playback options but consumes more time.

3. Add a YouTube Video in PowerPoint through screen recording 

Another very easy layman’s method to add a youtube video in PowerPoint presentation is by screen capturing a youtube video with the help of the built-in screencasting tool which is available in Microsoft 2013 and later versions. Let us see how to do with these youtube steps:

  1. Open the slide of your presentation in which you want to insert the youtube video.
  2. Go to the insert tab on the top of the page.
  3. From here, tap the screen recording option present in the extreme right corner of the window.

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  1. Then open the youtube video and select the area for the screen recording with the help of the cross-haired cursor. Another important thing to remember is that PowerPoint starts recording the audio and the mouse pointer by default. Therefore, to turn it on you need to deselect ‘Audio’ and ‘Record Pointer’ present on the control dock.
  2. Click on the ‘Record’ option to start recording, ‘Pause’ to stop it temporarily and ‘Stop’ to end your screen recording.
  3. To save your presentation, go to files and save it and your recording is added to your desired slide. 

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This is the best option among others as your videos can be played offline too but the video loses its original quality. There go the top three best methods to add a youtube video in PowerPoint. 

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