Pro Tips To Make Google Slides Effective With Audio Content

For all the users who have experience in creating presentations and are always searching for the techniques or alternatives to better them, Google slides would be a familiar platform. Google slides is a program used to create presentations and is included along with Google Docs Editor suite as a free add-on feature offered by Google. Here is how to add audio to google slides to take your presentation to the next level.

This service provides several useful online-based tools such as Google Sheets, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, Google Keep, and Google Docs. 

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Google slides is a very useful program as multiple users can work on the same presentation from different platforms as Google slides is supported on Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and can be also used as a desktop application on Google’s Chrome OS. In this article, we will discuss more of the Google slides, their features and the techniques to add audio to Google slides to make them much more effective.

Google slides 

Google slides allow the users to create, edit or modify files online such the changes can be made by several users in real-time. Here are some of the features that one must know to understand the uniqueness of this simple and uniform interface, used to create the best presentations.

Revision of history and group edits

The edits or modifications made by each user are mentioned under the revised history after each new change is made. The users can be distinguished from each other as they are assigned different colors and the edits they make are also highlighted in the same color.

To avoid confusion and to ensure only limited access to each user accordingly, the cursor and permission settings can be changed which would regulate the tasks that the users can do. 

Explore and the Action items

With time, several updates have been introduced, one such advanced feature is known as ‘Explore’  can be used to get various options of layouts and images suitable for presentations. The ‘Action items’ can be used to assign specific tasks to the other users working on the presentation.

Add-ons and offline editing

Several third-party tools were added to this platform making it more user-friendly. The editing can be done on both offline and online mode but in the former, the changes made can be seen only by the editor and would not be shared with others as they would not be stored in the cloud.

This is a platform designed as a part of Google Workplace to ensure that integration is possible but can also be used by individuals.  It includes other features such as find and replaces tool, a web-based clipboard that can be used to copy and paste the contents across different PCs or laptops, work between Google drive items and the Google slides, etc. which would be stored for about 30 days in the Google server.

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How to add audio to google slides?

Even though Google slide allows integration of several users and their ideas in real-time, it still lacks the creativity that a small video or audio would add to it. Let us check out how to insert audio into Google slides to create impressive presentations!

Audio content 

The audio content and media help to make the presentation much more engaging as the right music would immerse the audience to understand the message delivered through the presentation. This is an important aspect as it helps to alter the visual perception of the viewers. The audio content must hence be relevant and in the format, that is, either it should be of MP3 or WAV audio formats.

The audio can be used to add narration to the presentation so that it can be viewed by the audience whenever they want especially if it is used to conduct webinars, add the content to a particular website, etc. Proper narration and suitable audio content would enhance the overall experience of the presentation instead of just slides with information.

Add audio from the local storage of the device

If the user has stored audio content that must be added to the presentation in Google Slides, then, first the file must be uploaded to google drive and located on it. The Google slides can support both MP3 and WAV audio file formats. Apart from these files, the video or audio files from YouTube can also be added such that the content plays according to the user.

Next, to add the audio content to the slides, open the presentation and search for the Inset tab. Click on the Insert menu and scroll down to the option to choose the Audio. A new dialog box would appear from which to choose the browse option and locate the file from the Drive. Once you have selected the file, it would be embedded in the presentation.

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Play the audio content on the presentation

Once the audio content is embedded in the presentation, an audio icon would be displayed on the slide. Click on the audio icon and go to the Format menu. A new panel will appear on the side of your screen from which choose the Audio playback option. From the Audio playback menu, choose to ‘Start playing’ and select the ‘Automatically’ option if you want the audio to play without any manual instructions.

To prevent the audio from being played on a loop, click on the stop option on the slide. The icon can be hidden during the presentation and hence if it is set to the automatic mode it would be much efficient as it won’t occupy much space on the slide.

In this article, we have covered the features that Google slides provide for the user to work as a team on a presentation and steps to add audio to Google slides along with their uses. Hope this was useful for you to create engaging and better presentations.

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