Want Alternative Apps For Adobe software? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Are you looking for alternatives for all Adobe applications? Do you want an Adobe Illustrator alternative that gives the same experience as the Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe software company or as officially known as Adobe Systems is famous for the creation and publication of various multimedia and creativity software. Over the years, Adobe with intense research and innovation has produced industry-standard tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.

However, to use most of this software, you will have to pay a heavy amount to get their creative cloud membership. In this article, we will list a few of the Adobe Photoshop free alternative apps. Moreover, in this article, we also list Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat alternative free apps.

Adobe Photoshop alternative apps

Adobe Illustrator alternative list

Adobe’s Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software available on the web, but that doesn’t make it the best one for you. There are few reasons why you might be wanting to look into adobe photoshop alternative apps, including price, special features, or progress.

The best adobe photoshop free alternatives must offer advanced and feature-rich photo editing solutions. Just like what Adobe Photoshop offers to its premium members.

Highly customizable interfaceComplex interface
Free and open sourceSteep learning curve
Raw and PSD compatibleNo CMYK colour mode

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is an open-source photo editing software. It supports various operating systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS. If you are looking for software that functions almost like Adobe’s photoshop then this is the one. It has various features and functions in-built in it.

Gimp even possesses many plugins that are developed by various artists and developers. This software is highly customizable and it only takes a few tutorials around the application to get comfortable with it.

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2. Pixlr X
Pros Cons 
Layer supportFew features like custom brushes and others and missing
Available from any web browserLimited compatibility for filetype
Clean designOnly online mode is available

Pixlr X is a powerful HTML5 online photo editor that can be used as an adobe photoshop free alternative. This photo editor has provided a workflow that is both streamline and intuitive. You only have to drag and drop the file from your computer to the editor or upload a URL.

Once you have uploaded the file to the editor you can get to work adjusting the properties of images. It has robust layer support however, it misses few important editing features.

3. Luminar
Pros Cons 
Leverages AI provides impressive featuresSometimes this editor is heavy on system resources
Sync AI edits across photosNo mobile or web app

Luminar is one of the powerful photo editing software that leverages Ai and makes it to the list of Adobe photoshop alternative apps/software.  Even though it is not the cheapest option, it helps artists to create amazing photos with the help of AI and machine learning. It has almost all the features available on it and has a clean and intuitive layout. A few of its features include instant AI sky replacement, sunrays, advanced AI structure, etc.

Adobe Acrobat alternative free apps

Few reasons why you might need Adobe Acrobat alternative free apps are:

  • They let you easily modify text in PDF files.
  • No need to convert them into a different format or pay for software.
1. Smallpdf
Pros Cons 
A powerful range of toolsLimited free trial

The Smallpdf’s Edit PDF tool has a simple user interface that allows the addition of text and image content into the PDF files. You can even add comments and highlight information to your PDFs. Along with the editor function, you can even convert PDFs into Word and Powerpoint files and even merge more than one PDF file into a single file. 

2. PDF-XChange Editor
Pros Cons 
Optical character recognitionWatermark documents 
Text editing

PDF-XChange Editor is an excellent tool for editing texts with built-in OCR in PDF. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you edit the Pdf document even if it is a photocopy. It lets you reformat text and even convert it into fonts and perform a merge or split PDF files.

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3. PDFescape
Pros Cons 
No account necessaryFile size limit
Easy mergingThe desktop version is paid-only

This application is the best adobe acrobat alternative that is ideal for editing smaller PDF files. It allows you to edit online or through a desktop application. Its desktop version supports edits to pre-existing PDF content and can scan paper documents. However, the online version of PDFescape is free to use and can make freehand notes and add clickable URL links to your documents.

Adobe Illustrator alternative apps

Adobe Illustrator alternative

Not all the Adobe Illustrator alternative software is created equal, different apps provide different features. Some might support only a selected file type, while others might be stuffed with unwanted extra software. Vector graphs are the best choice for various design and illustration tasks.

1. Inkscape 
Comprehensive toolkit Performance can be sluggish 
Excellent format support

If you are looking for a true alternative for Illustrator then this is the one for you! The Inkscape is a perfect alternative to illustrators for pro and intermediate illustrators. This open-source editor has many features including special spirals tools, tools to create patterns and clones, advanced object manipulation, and many more. The latest version of this software brings mesh gradients, improved SVG2, and CSS3 support.

2. BoxySVG
It has good format support
It is easy to use
Convenient browser extension

BoxySVG is a browser-based free vector editor for creating scalable vector graphic files. It even supports an extension in Google Chrome. It has a good range of basic in-built tools like pens, bezier curves, texts, basic shapes, stroke, etc. it is faster, and the files created in BoxySVG create clean and efficient files. It has a simple UI. You can import and export SVG, SVGZ, JPEGs, and PNGs format files on the BoxySVG site itself.

3. Vecteezy
Pros Cons 
Good choice of vector elementRequires a free account to save work
Simple to use
Stylish designs 

Vecteezy is another free Adobe Illustrator alternative for stylish designs. They earn by selling premium illustrations, and its clients include BBC, Amazon, McDonald’s, and Dell. You can create your designs from scratch or import and edit SVG files. Vecteezy includes a pen tool for drawing freehand shapes. It is easy to use and takes only a few tours around the apps to get comfortable with it.

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