How To Create Amazing Posts Using Social Media Templates?

Social media has proven to be one of the best platforms for sales, marketing, establishing a brand among the right audience, and a lot more to improve your brand reach. As of 2021, many businesses irrespective of their size have opted for social media platform marketing, hence, if you are in search of the right tools for optimal usage of the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc then here are some of the best and free social media templates that improve brand recognition, and uniformity.

In this article, we discuss and check out some of the creative social media templates that are easy to use, as well as to produce effective posts like videos, images, posters, etc. We will also discuss the importance of using social media template creator when compared to the simple posting of content.

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What are social media templates?

Social media templates, or the social media templates tool, are the images that a brand or business can use across social media platforms, according to the size ratio required, so the post gets a better reach among their audience or followers. These are graphical templates with visually appealing designs and may contain vector graphics or images in them. 

Now the difference between social media templates, and traditional posts is that the templates have a fixed format but the user can change their information or content, on the other hand, the user has to create a new traditional post altogether whenever required. The social media templates, hence, help in maintaining consistency or uniformity in the brand’s visual appearance for better recognition such that based on the color, image or design the consumer will relate to the brand or company easily. Also, it allows quick updating of content without affecting its overall formatting.

The creative social media templates focus on providing the best visual appeal to your content, and this is one of the most important factors that affect the organic reach, and audience or followers engagement. According to a survey, those posts or brands using social media templates are known to receive a better response which is up to 40% more than the plain posts with simple text. This percentage is the factor that can either rake or break your brand, hence, one must not leave this tool unexplored. This effort will in turn increase post engagement, take the post to the right audience, and trust which is the key to stability as well as sustenance of a business.

Choosing the right social media templates tool

Every social media platform restricts the dimensions of the post respectively, hence the social media templates tool should support various post sizes. For example, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc allow posts in rectangular shape whereas the best dimension for Instagram is square-shaped posts. So, before concluding on a tool, choose the platform in which you will be posting content, and find out their recommended post size or dimensions.

The suitable template will not only support increasing the post success rate but will also help in effective social media marketing. Here are some of the benefits that one can enjoy, the first one is saving time, as one can focus on strategizing their content while making small edits in the future using Photoshop or other editing software very easily.

The second benefit is the ease of updating, one can simply change, update or swap the contents in templates. This allows quicker transition and development as a professional brand. Another reason to use the best social media templates is that they act as fillers which will keep your audience engaged during times when you cannot find any content worth posting. Last but not the least, it helps to portray your content as branded, hence spreading brand awareness when your audience shares the post with others. Usually, a small logo or name is added to the template for the ease of brand recognition.

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Other benefits of using social media templates are: 
  • Speed and consistency
  • Professional appeal or better visual look of the contents
  • Customizable according to the brand requirements by changing the colors, fonts, designs, etc.

This flexible approach of designing incorporates all the specifications that the user wants. A range of visually similar options is available from which the user can choose the most suitable one. Let us now check out some of the social media templates creator available for all platforms.


Venngage is a social media template creating a website that allows users to choose from the wide range of categories provided by the service. The platform is user-friendly, and a user can create an account for easy compilation of content, as well as saving their work. It contains social media templates that are unique, content-oriented, and easy to edit. There are several options available for each platform, which are either free to use or restricted for users other than the premium account holders. Apart from these templates, other categories such as report templates, newsletters, flyers, postcards, coupons, etc are available. Os, this is an all-in-one solution for all your branding and templates requirements.


The Creative market contains more than 18,000 templates that are unique, pre-designed, and available for almost every occasion or format, starting from flyers, posters, resumes, websites, social media, etc. Under the social media category, separate groups of templates are available for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube. SO whether you are a single platform user or a multiple account holder who wants to cover every social media platform, this social media templates tool is just perfect for you!

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In his article, we have discussed in detail the social media templates that are the right solution for those in search of quick, efficient and visually appealing posts on social media irrespective of their content or the platform. Hope this was useful in understanding this tool and finding the right solution.


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