Comparison of Amazon Echo And Google Home – Which Is The Smarter Choice

Amazon Echo and Google Home – What’s Different?

Two of the greatest brands Amazon and Google have their smart devices called the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Many of the users or buyers usually get confused about which of these would be the better choice. 

So here we are to check out the features, similarities, differences, and functions offered by both of these smart devices, which would bring in a clear idea. However, you will not regret any of your choices among these two as they prove to the best in their aspects.

In this article, we will begin with understanding the purpose and the features of these devices individually followed by a comparison between them.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. The Echo devices or smart devices connected to Amazon Echo, connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service and respond to the waking word ‘Alexa’, that is, the device will respond when you say the name “Alexa”. 

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However, you may change the wake word from “Alexa” to “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer”, according to your preference.

Unique features of Amazon Echo

The unique features of this smart speaker are: 

 Amazon Echo And Google Home
  • Easy voice interaction with the user.
  • Playlists and music playback.
  • Creating to-do lists.
  • Alarms and reminder settings.
  • Streaming of Podcasts, songs, etc.
  • Playing audiobooks.
  • Providing real-life information like – weather forecast (based on the AccuWeather news), traffic density, and other real-time information.
  • It can be used to control other smart devices and hence, acting as a home automation hub, with the help of Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet as there is no Ethernet port.

Recently, Alexa has been equipped with advancements such as COVID-19 test centre detection and help with the vaccination trials, anywhere within the range of 30 miles based on the research organization IQVIA for this purpose. 

It is also useful as a security device as it can send an immediate response to the smartphones in case of any unusual sounds, glass breaking noise, fire or smoke alarm, etc. It is more than a smart speaker especially when you own several smart gadgets, as it would act as the sole controller of all of their functions.

Hence, the Alexa is designed to act as a virtual assistant that can be taught and updated with new commands. It is constantly being upgraded to become more “human-like”. It is more compatible with a smart home that uses devices like – Amazon Fire Stick, Ring Cams, and Doorbells, smart thermostat, etc.

Variants of Amazon Echo

Several generations and variants of Amazon Echo have been released along with each upgrade. A special limited edition version that has Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch’s voice instead of Alexa along with a customized skin was also released in December  2016.

Amazon Echo is being available in over 40 countries as of November 2018. Some of the wide range of variants with upgraded features are:

  • Amazon Echo Dot, 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, and 4th Gen.
  • Amazon Echo look
  • Amazon Tap
  • Echo Spot, Echo Flex, and Echo Plus

Google Home

Comparison of Amazon Echo And Google Home

Google Home and its variants Google Home Mini, Google Home, and Google Home Max are powerful smart speakers that can convert your home into a smart home. This enables the user to perform tasks, use the smart gadgets connected to the Google Home and control them remotely. 

Some of the must-know features that Google Home provides its users are:

  • Play YouTube videos, stream video contents, Google photos library, etc on your TV connected with Chromecast. You can connect any audio or display files and enjoy it on bigger screens.
  • The user can plan the entire day, set alarms, reminders, enquire about real-time information like weather and traffic, get updates over a flight or train ticket booking status, etc. right while sitting at one place.
  • Take the help of Google Assistant to get step by step recipes, make shopping lists, calls or even find your phone.
  • All the things that you want to know can be simply asked to the Google Home device or Google Assistant and get the accurate details by the search based on Google search engine when connected to the internet.

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This also serves as a security controller of the home with which you can monitor and control the doorbells, security cameras, any third-party devices connected to it, and smart devices such as light bulbs, thermostats, etc.

Amazon Echo vs. Google Home

Now that we have a clear idea about the functions and features of each of these two smart devices, let us compare them and understand the perks of using one over the other!


Looks and aesthetics are an important factor that helps in achieving the main goal of these smart devices, that is, to blend in seamlessly. On this aspect, the Google Home and its variants are less flashy and have smoother ends that make them blend in easily when compared to the Amazon Echo device. 

If you like the flashy colours then you might check out the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition and the newer Amazon Echo devices that have spherical shapes, unlike the usual cylindrical shapes, making it stand out.

Entertainment and music experience

In terms of the experience provided to the users of both the devices, the comparison wouldn’t bring out many differences as both the devices support all the usual entertainment platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc. However, Alexa can also play music from Amazon Prime music.

Now, both the devices can connect to displays like television only through Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV, and hence there isn’t any difference but at the initial stage, Amazon had delayed this providing this feature to its users.

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Experience as a oersonal assistant

Both of these smart speakers are great personal assistants as they can adapt and personalize data according to the users’ needs with time and usage. Some of the common issues that might be faced in both are the understanding of words or trouble based on the pronunciation of similar-sounding words.

When it comes to data and real-time information like current news, weather, etc, Google Home has an upper hand as you get access to information from one of the world’s biggest databases of information – Google.

Experience of smart home

All the above-mentioned features will help in creating a smart environment with an efficient management system but the issue might arise in the case where certain ecosystems like the Ring or the Blink are owned by Amazon and hence cannot be used through Google Home.

In this article, we have covered everything about Amazon Echo and Google Home and compare them based on their functionalities. Hope this helped you to get an idea about which one of both would suit your environment more.

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