Amazon Echo Show 8: Review & Features

Amazon amazed the world in 2017 when it released the first-generation smart display. This was soon followed by the release of the second-generation smart display in 2018. In 2019 they introduced a variant, the Echo show 5 with a 5-inch display. With its success, the Amazon Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 10 made their way to the market.

Squeezed between the 5-inch and the 10-inch display, the Amazon Echo Show 8 is the perfect size for any space. And brings a mix of features from both Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 10. In this article, we will walk you through various Amazon Echo Show 8 features. And even compare the difference between Echo Show 5 and 8.

Amazon Echo 8 Review


The Amazon Echo Show 8 costs $129.99, which was the price when it first went on sale in September 2019.


The Amazon Echo Show 8 looks exactly like the Echo show 5, including the camera and the camera shutter.  Compared to the Echo Show 10, the Echo show 8 possesses a smaller display size. Yet, has the same screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels as the 10-inch device. This means that you will be getting a sharper, crisper image quality with more details.

Like the rest of the Echo SHow displays, Show 8 is held in place by a fabric-wrapped base. It has a micro USB and a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the rear and needs to be in charging mode at all times.

The Show 8 owns a 1MP camera in the front along with a physical shutter that you can slide shut. You can also turn off Alexa by switching off the voice activation. You can do this by pressing the leftmost button on the top.

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Screen and touch features

This device packs no physical button and operates completely on the touch feature. The screen features adaptive brightness. This means you don’t have to worry about the screen brightness is too bright or too dull. If you want you can even adjust the brightness according to your wish. you only have to slide downwards from the top of the screen to reveal the slider.

Everything on the Amazon Echo Show 8 is available at your fingertips. For instance, by just swiping left to right you will be able to pull up the menu and can get easy access to music, videos, calls, and announcements. For entertainment, it comes packaged services like Prime Video and Sky News.

Video and sound functions
(Image Credits: CNET)

The Amazon Echo Show 8 packs a pair of 2-inch speakers with a passive bass. Even though, compared to the Echo Show 10 which packs a pair of 2.2-inch speakers, Echo Show 8 has smaller speakers. But the size of the speakers doesn’t affect the sound experience. It will still give you a booming bass experience and the sound is room-filling as well. If you want you can manually adjust the sound experience through an equalizer in the setting pane.

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Besides the amazing sound experience, you can stream music not only from Amazon’s streaming but also from Spotify and Apple Music. You only have to link the device to your Spotify or Apple Music account. The Amazon Echo Show 8 is also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to pair it with your phone or tablet to enjoy your favourite tune.

Video streaming is also available in Echo Show 8, with the Prime Video taking the center stage. You can access it just by a tap or through voice command and ask Alexa to play your favourite videos and shows.

Other Amazon Echo Show 8 Features

Other than the above-mentioned features, the Amazon Echo Show 8 also boasts few extra features. The Echo Show is capable of connecting and controlling some of the smart home devices. But, Alexa has a different set of features in different regions. Hence what it can do for you will majorly depend upon where you are accessing Alexa.

For instance, when compared to the US, UK, and Australia, Alexa performs better in the US and UK and the skills available in Australia are very limited. Like before, Echo Show still has no access to the YouTube app. But, you can access the same service that YouTube provides through Amazon’s Silk browser. It even covers all your online shopping needs.

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If you are pondering yourself with the question of whether you need the Alexa app to either set up or use Amazon Echo Show 8. Then we assure you you don’t need it. But, having an Alexa app and linking it to the device comes in handy.

Especially if you want to use Apple Music or Spotify on the smart display. Moreover, if you have an Amazon account, and use the Amazon Photos to store your images. Then the Echo Show 8 can double the storage by acting as a digital photo frame.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs 8

A lot of features from the Amazon show 5 were carried over to echo show 8. They differ only in physical characteristics.

FeaturesAmazon Echo Show 8Amazon Echo Show 5
Size Show 8 has 7.9 – inch x 5.4 – inch x 3.9 – inchShow 5 has 5.8 – inch x 3.4 – inch x 2.9 – inch
Weight 36.6 oz14.5 oz
ScreenEcho Show 8 comes with a 1280 x 800 resolutionEcho Show 5 comes with a 960 x 480 resolution
Speakers 2 x2 – inches at 10W per channel1 x 1.7 – inches at 4W per channel
Dolby processingNo No 
Camera 1 MP1 MP
Camera ControlsEcho Show 8 has an integrated camera shutter and microphone/camera off buttonIt has an integrated camera shutter and microphone/camera off button
Alexa SupportYes Yes 

Final words

Amazon Echo Show 8 has the perfect size to stand anywhere. Even though it is almost like the rest of the Echo show displays. It is cheaper than echo show 10 and gives better features when compared to Echo show 5. And even hits a sweet spot on cost. That said, hopefully, this Amazon Echo 8 review helped you to gain all the information you were searching for.

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