Apple AirPods 2: Should You Purchase It?

Air pods are the wireless headphones designed by Apple Inc. These are Bluetooth earbuds that come up with a container like charging case. Airpods were first designed and launched by the Apple company in 2016 as the first-generation air pods. Apple enhanced it’s AirPods and came up with the second generation air pods in 2019 with more new features. And these Apple AirPods 2became the most popular of all the products launched by Apple. And it has remained a market leader for the last two years!

Latest Features Of Apple AirPods 2

The Apple AirPods 2 are almost the same as the first generation with some more advanced added features. They are fabricated with an H1 processor which is supported with Bluetooth 5 connectivity. This connectivity includes a hands-free “Hey Siri”. It is a kind of a small artificial intelligence machine. Apple claims that these second-generation air pods to give more amount of talk times and even faster device connectivity. It has dual beamforming microphones for ‘Siri’ and easy phone calls. It has got two accelerometers for easy and quick speech detection. 

The charging case

The charging case provided for the Apple AirPods 2 not only helps in charging them but also serves as a storage container to keep the AirPods safely inside it so that it does not get lost or damaged in any manner. The charging case can be easily kept 

in pockets as it is of the same size as that of dental floss. The wireless charging case lets the air pods charge with a Qi wireless charger.

Differences between the first and second generation Apple air pods

Both the versions of the Apple AirPods are almost the same but have some considerable differences between them- The first generation AirPods had a W1 chip while the second generation air pods have an H1 chip instead of a W1. H1 has the capability to provide the ease to switch between the devices even faster and also connects phone calls at a faster rate. The battery life of both the AirPods is almost the same but the difference is that the Apple AirPods 2 provide more talk time than the first-generation AirPods. But in the case of designs, both the AirPods are identical. 

Apple’s assistant- “Hey Siri”

The second-generation air pods or the Apple AirPods 2 support a hands-free function, ”Hey Siri” that gives the benefit of doing every task without even tapping on it.

How to set up Apple AirPods 2 ?

Setting up the air pods with the apple device is considered to be one of the easiest tasks ever and it is one of the best features of the air pods.

Steps to set up the air pods are –

  1. Unlock your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Open the top pop up part of the air pods charging case.
  3. Now hold it close to your device.
  4. And kindly wait for a pop-up window on your iPhone or iPad for a few seconds.
  5. And now you just need to click on the “connect” button after which the AirPods get paired to your device and it appears like magic.

The iCloud account

The AirPods are linked to your device’s iCloud account. So, once you pair them with your device, your other devices also get to know about it getting paired. Hence you can easily switch your devices using the Bluetooth options. You are basically signed up on your device with your AirPods through an iCloud account.

Basic features of the Apple AirPods 2

AirPods have a number of unique features that are designed to work very well on all kinds of Apple devices.

Some of the features are-

  1. No need for wires
  2. Has a comfortable fit case
  3. Has a battery life of about five hours
  4. Has a battery life of 24 hours along with the charging case
  5. Charging in the case for three hours takes place in about only 15 minutes
  6. Only one-tap setup for all kinds of Apple devices
  7. Has the capability of connecting instantly to iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple watch
  8. Has the capability to easily switch between iOS and Mac devices
  9. It has the feature of automatically switching between the devices with iOS 14
  10. It has the feature of getting notifications on the iPhone when there is the need to charge.
  11. The accelerometer works as an automated system as it starts playing the music right at the moment you put the AirPods in your ears without even giving any instruction to it.
  12. And the AirPods stop playing the music when you remove them from your ears.
  13. Only with a single tap, AirPod can function both for music and calls.
  14. “Siri” gets access by just double-tapping.
  15. You can also use a double-tap for playing or stopping or changing the music tracks.
  16. It has got W1 or H1 chips for an efficient battery and also extends the Bluetooth range.
  17. It has got a microphone for both the calls and “Siri”.
  18. AirPods 2 have the advanced feature for “Hey Siri”.

Reviews about the latest second generation AirPods

According to Dan Seifert, the latest Apple AirPods 2 are one of the most antedated of all the Apple products that have been ever designed to date.

According to him, these AirPods look quite similar to that of the first generation one. The design and the sound quality remained the same as that of the first-generation AirPods. According to him, one of the most notable differences for the second-generation Airpods is that the charging case can now be changed easily on a wireless pad, unlike the first-generation AirPods.

According to him, the new wireless charging capability is convenient but at the same time is a bit slow. He further added that he could even charge the AirPods easily with his flat pad mobile charger itself. He said that the AirPods can be charged easily using your Android phones itself if you have the new Samsung Galaxy S10 or any one of the new Huawei flagship mobile phones. But at the same time, on using the android device for your AirPods, it would not allow you with the features of double-tap or “Hey Siri” or the automatic play and pause of music.

So, get your’s today!

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