Apple Fitness+: Is It The Future Of Fitness?

During the pandemic, we observed a new fitness regime prevailed and Apple has taken a shot here too by launching its all-new Apple fitness. There is a new option for people who want to get fit at home. The program works with other Apple devices including an iPhone or Apple TV but it is built around and requires the Apple Watch. Let us dive deep into the world of apple fitness+ 

What is Apple Fitness?

Apple Fitness+ offers you a personalized workout routine on your Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad with workout data from your one and only Apple Watch. You can think of it as an always-ready fitness studio built just for you.

There are 10 types of workout you can choose from, including:

  1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  2. Strength
  3. Yoga
  4. Dance
  5. Core
  6. Cycling
  7. Treadmill (running and walking)
  8. Rowing
  9. Mindful Cooldown.

As you are aware that most of the workouts mentioned above require no equipment or just a set of dumbbells. Other workouts like Rowing, Cycling, and Treadmill can be done with equipment by any manufacturer.

Professional trainers lead each of the workouts and music is played from Apple Music to help you to remain motivated and ready to exercise. Apple has promised to add new workouts to the service every week.

One of the best features of the apple’s new fitness service is how it integrates with your Apple Watch. Every information like time, active calories or total calories that you see on the watch face, also appears on the screen on whatever device you are using with Apple Fitness+ app.

Interestingly, the information that appears is also interactive and changes depending on the workout. For instance, when the trainer asks you to check your heart rate or calories, that metric gets highlighted on the watch and device. And when you are done with your exercise and close your Exercise or Activity ring, you will see an on-screen celebration on the device just like on the watch screen.

If you want some competitive fun, you can opt for an optional Burn Bar that appears for the HIIT, Treadmill, Cycling, and Rowing workouts. It presents your efforts compared to other app users who already completed the workout and motivates you to push yourself to reach the front of the pack.

apple fitness+

How to get started with Apple Fitness+

To operate Apple Fitness+, you need to have an apple device running with iOS 14.3 or later, iPad OS 14.3 or later version, or tvOS 14.3 or later version. You also require an Apple Watch running with a version of OS 7.2 or later.

The new workout service is available for users located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. If you own an iPhone and you are using Apple Fitness+, it will also be available as a tab. However, iPad users can download the Fitness app from the App Store. The fitness app will appear on the home screen on your apple tv when you install the latest update on the same.

After opening the fitness app on your devices, you will see a scrollable bar available on top of the page. The scrollbar shows all the available workout types, like Yoga and Dance. Other sections on the main start page include the newly added workouts to the service, the popular workouts on the app, and all the personal trainers on Apple Fitness+.

If you are a brand new beginner to workouts, as a nice touch, the app also has a slate of workouts for people like you. 

Selecting a Workout

You need to find out the workout you’re interested in and once you are done with this, choose its name to bring up its details page. You will be able to see more information including a quick description, details of any additional equipment required for the workout, and the music played during the entire workout.

You can even open up the tunes in a playlist to save for later if you’re an Apple Music subscriber.

The top of the workout page has a few additional options from which you can choose Preview to see a quick video from the workout to check if it’s right for you. Tapping on Add (+) sign places the particular workout in your My Workouts section available to access it later in the main Fitness+ workout page.

You can also easily download a workout to your iPhone or iPad from there. This feature helps you do a workout even when you go offline.

If you want to start a workout, tap on Let’s Go option. The workout appears on the device screen. Just click on the play button on your Watch or iPhone, iPad or Apple Tv to start. A countdown will appear on your device’s screen and your Apple Watch before beginning.

Apple Watch Fitness Begin Workout

After the workout is completed, you will see a data screen just the same as to what comes up after an Apple Watch workout. The data screen includes your heart rate, calories burned, and more. Your workout data and information is also available on your iPhone or iPad in the Fitness app’s Summary tab, showing the workout’s name and photo of the same.

However, if you want you can start a workout on an iPhone or iPad without keeping an Apple Watch nearby, but remember you won’t be able to receive any on-screen or post-workout data that really helps the service stand apart from other apps. However, it’s necessary to connect your Apple Watch with iPhone for this app to work, even if you are not wearing it.

How much does Apple Fitness+ cost?

Now if you are wondering about the apple fitness price, we have answered your query too! There are two different methods to pay for the fitness program: The app users can choose between paying a fee of $9.99 per month, or buying an annual subscription of $79.99. However, all other existing Apple Watch users will get a free month’s subscription to the fitness program.

On the other hand, users with Apple Watch Series 3 or later will receive three free months for Apple Fitness+ program.

Without an increase in the apple fitness price, the program can be shared among up to six family members. 

Getting fit is not a need but has become a trend today. But if you’re already an Apple Watch user, Apple Fitness+ is a great way to exercise almost anywhere and everywhere you want. 

To make sure you’re always pumped up for a workout, the program is best for you and there are many ways to help make the most of the Apple Watch’s battery life.

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