What Is An ASPX File Extension? – Everything You Need To Know!

Did you download an ASPX file by mistake and have no idea what an ASPX file is? Or did you happen to notice the URL in the address bar of your browser has an “.ASPX” extension at the end?

Now and then we come across various kinds of file formats while we use our system. Everyone knows the common file extensions like PDF, JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, DOC, etc. But many times, we end up downloading or see filenames with extensions that we have no clue about.

If files with formats HEIC, XAPK, ASPX, etc turn up in front of us there is a good chance that we won’t know what to do with it. And this can turn to be very frustrating if we won’t even know how to open them. 

The same thing happens with an ASPX file, not a lot of people know about this extension. Ironically, it was developed by Microsoft, but your windows browser usually has no idea how to open it or what to do with it. Well/… the good news is that you can open a “.ASPX” file. However, you should not need it unless you are working in an IT platform on web servers or web developments.

This guide will explain to you what an ASPX file is and various ways to open it and access the contents inside it.

What is an ASPX file?

The ASPX or the ASP is an acronym for “Active Server Page”. This is the file extension used to save a file that has some scripting language used in it for dynamic web pages. The ASPX file is an old and outdated file extension format that was designed to get data from the servers based on the .NET framework.

The ASPX files are open source files and are usually written by mixing various scripting languages like VBScript, JavaScript, or C# code.

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How to open a downloaded ASPX file?

If you have downloaded an ASPX file and expect it to contain some information like a document or some saved data, then it is more likely that something is wrong with the website. Instead of creating some usable information, it has provided you the server-side file.

In such scenarios, you can simply rename the “.ASPX file” with whatever file you expected to obtain when you gave it for download. For instance, in case, when you clicked download and you expected to get a PDF file, but instead you got an ASPX file. Then you have to just rename the filename by adding a “.pdf” extension. After renaming open the file and check do you open a pdf file or not. 

Sometimes, your system might have been set by default when it does not show a few file extensions at the end. Then in such cases, all you have to do is open the Run Dialog Box and enter “Control Folders”. Then use the “View” menu and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” and apply the changes. Now, you should be able to see all the types of extensions.

If you are curious to know why you got the ASPX file in the first place. Then, this happened because the website you used has not properly named the generated file and presented it for downloading as it should. By renaming the file extension you just manually doing the last step that should have been done from the server’s side.

Other times, the reason why you might get an ASPX file might be because of the browser problem or due to some plug-in that you have put. Try switching from the current browser to a better browser like Chrome or Firefox.

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How to open files with “.ASPX” extensions?

  • Visual Studio

Microsoft’s free IDE, Visual Studio can be used to open the downloaded ASPX files. Using this integrated development environment tool, you can open and even edit the ASPX files on your device using both windows and MAC Operating System.

An IDE is a software that is used for creating an application that combines the developer tool into a GUI or Graphical User Interface.

Visual Studio offers entire tools required for the initial design of a product till the final deployment. It is used usually preferred by programmers for its accuracy and productivity. To open and edit an ASPX file on Visual Studio:

  1. Download Microsoft’s visual studio from their official website.
  2. Then install the program.
  3. Now, launch the IDE and open the ASPX file you want to edit.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Like all other Adobe software products, Dreamweaver is a popular web development platform. However, they offer a paid service. But in case, you have the Adobe Dreamweaver application with you, then you can use it to open ASPX files.

Adobe’s Dreamweaver also lets you create and publish web pages and supports various scripting languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more.

In case you are a web developer then you can use their software to code and create websites with a simplified code engine. It also offers various other features making it easy and efficient to use.

  • Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is written in C++ and is based on a powerful editing component called Scintilla. It ensures a high speed for execution and supports CGI format. To access an “.ASPX” extension on Notepad++:

  1. Download the Notepad++ for your system from their official website first.
  2. Then run the installer and install the code editor.
  3. Once it is ready, launch the Notepad++ and then go to file and click on “Open” and open an ASPX file to edit it.

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How to convert an ASPX file to PDF without manually changing the extension?

You can convert an ASPX extension to PDF in many ways including taking the help of online ASPX files to PDF file converters. But, you can easily convert it using a browser like Chrome also. You just have to drag the “.ASPX” file and drop it into the address bar or search bar. 

Then press the enter key. Once it opens, press “Ctrl” plus “P” to open the print menu. Now, change the printing window into “Save as PDF” and click “Save”. This will convert your ASPX extension into PDF.

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