Your Favorite Game Is Back: Battlegrounds Mobile India: The Indian PUBG

It has been hard for Indians, especially the PUBG players, to move on since India declared PUBG ban last year. But the bad news does not stay forever that we know for sure. Therefore, you would be surprised and excited to hear about the Battlegrounds Mobile India game, which is basically the Indian version of PUBG.

It is a big piece of news not only for gamers but also for the tech sector. This undoubtedly has been a great launch on the part of the game developers as almost half of India used to play PUBG. 

Now the inevitable question that must be arising regarding the launch date of the Battlegrounds Mobile India. Even though it is said to be released by the third week of June and on the other hand there are other sources that state that the game will be launched on June 10. In a nutshell, there have been a lot of unexpected reports from different sources regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date and yet the official announcement awaits from the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date. 

More about the Battlegrounds Mobile India game

We know that the pre-registration for the game started the very same day when its official trailer was released on the internet. Now, you should not take this pre-registration lightly if you were avid players of the pubg and looking forward to the launch of the PUBG Indian version i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India. The pre-registration to the game comes with its own advantages and perks. 

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So, the users that have pre-registered to the game brag four rewards, namely: the Recon Mask, the Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title and the 300 AG. If you are still unaware of the credibility and functionality of these rewards, then let us inform you that these rewards will act as the new and the only currency in the game of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

But, this reward is exclusive as stated by Krafton as it is only available to the ones that have made pre-registration in the game. If you have not done it, then, unfortunately, you cannot avail of it. 

Description of The Indian Pubg

Another thing we have come to know is about the description of the game that is put forth by the officials. The players in this game can battle in different manners as they like as there are different modes to fight your opponents which can be a one-to-one fighting mode or even a squad-based fighting mode for those who are beginners or prefer to play in a team rather than being a lone wolf. The graphics of the game are also pretty realistic and is said to have many distinctive capabilities of the Unreal Engine 4 along with the 3D sounds to add on to the real games. 

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It is said that the game will not open to people less than 18 years of age and Krafton is yet to give the official announcement. Also, if someone who is below 18 years of age tends to register by phone number of their parents or guardian or anyone older, then they have to follow certain impositions. For example, they will only be allowed to spend 7000 INR per day for in-app purchases of the app.

The second thing that everyone is still unsure about is its release on iOS. Even though there is no restriction posed as such, we are yet to hear it from the official sources regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India launch on iOS, the same way it announced its launch on the Android operating system. 

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PUBG Indian version coming, go pre-register yourself now!

You would be surprised to know that since the official announcement of the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch, there have already started pre-registrations for the game. The pre-registration for the Battlegrounds Mobile India started somewhere around May 18 this year as the official trailer for the game was also released the very same day.

Not only this, the game included the PUBG mobile figures like Dynamo, Kronten, Jonathan along with the Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi. As it is made for an Indian-oriented audience, therefore it has an Indian-centric logo and tricolour hues.  


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