Chainyard Blockchain: A Big Feature That Big Businesses Are Missing On

Chainyard is a digital service that provides companies and organizations with specialised blockchains. The company, Chainyard, ensures to deliver its customers a secure and trusted chain of blockchains. This chainyard technology brings the business rivals together and lets them compete against each other. But before we look at how chainyard built a blockchain, let us take a brief look at what blockchain is actually about. 

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is another name for distributed ledger technology through which big businesses can use to record transactions and track assets with other businesses in their network. So with the help of the blockchain network, everything of value can be tracked thereby, reducing risks and other costs that would have been included otherwise. 

Another feature of blockchain is being the provider of information and what is business if not an organisation for transmitting information with goods and services for its survival. Blockchain is a store for transparent information and tracks information regarding payments, accounts, production and many other transactions that have happened in the business.

With the help of blockchain technology, one can prevent fraud, reduce risk and, bring transparency to the business and maintain the goodwill of the business at the same time. 

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How chainyard built a blockchain? 

Now that we acquainted ourselves with the concept of blockchain, let us get to the blockchain engineer and learn about how chainyard built blockchain. Firstly, Chainyard, a digital service provider, has named its provider Trust Your Supplier as its motto is to bring transparency to your business, do its best to prevent any anticipated risks and maintain security to your business network. 

With this blockchain technology by chainyard named Trust Your Supplier, all the suppliers are brought together legally so that the supplier adheres to all the guidelines that are laid down by the buyer. This is the start of the question posed about ‘How chainyard built a blockchain?’

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The role chainyard blockchain in supply chain

After learning about how chainyard built a blockchain, let us move to another important issue here which is how a supply chain makes good use of blockchain. We all are very well aware of the fact that information is the most vital part of the supply chain. So whenever any organization wants to initiate a business with your business firm, the first step that is taken is the exchange of information.

This is where blockchain plays its major role again: a medium of exchanging information. Blockchain takes information from one firm and transfers it to the other one in a presentable and understandable format and is easily accessible to the other recipients and participants. This facilitates easy processing of the order. 

Why do most companies miss out on this feature? 

Chainyard is an undoubtedly good option for every business out there. After we have learnt the role of the supply chain in how chainyard built blockchain, let us dig into the reason why most of the big companies seem to miss out on this feature. 

One must remember that the whole concept when chainyard built a blockchain came out and until now has hardly passed ten years. So taking the time factor into our consideration, the business is still in its infancy. Many big businesses that are using Chainyard still do not know how to use it fully and for others, this concept is still unknown. One general fact about chainyard blockchain is that it is complicated with many tools and features, therefore it takes time to understand it to take full advantage. 

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Final words

The major reason behind building the blockchain network was to ease the burden on the business entity of sharing timely and accurate information with other businesses. Along With this came additional features which will help the business in building transparency throughout their transactions and avoid any sort of risks and fraud practices by themselves and other business firms.

Generally, in a business, there are different channels, nodes, departments for accessing and performing transactions, but under chain yard blockchain all fall under the same umbrella. Thus, making the task easier for the business firm and for the other firm you are engaging with too. 


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