How To Check Grammatical Errors Online? 4 Softwares That You Should Try

We know that the onset of lockdown last year, and its re-implementation this year again too has made entire work and studies completely online. With this shift, we saw many new changes and faced some challenges for sure. Similar is your resource list when you write something- you go online. Here are best sites to check grammatical errors online.

Now, when you are working with everything online, it is pretty common to write articles, e-mails, important memos, make a caption for your blog and many more things. In a nutshell, even if you are not in the writing sector of your job arena, you need one of the other things on a daily basis.

But, you must remember that writing has always been crucial to your work and you can never separate it, and during the lockdown, it has increased for sure. 

Nevertheless, to make a first impression on your subordinates or the higher authorities, you have to present yourself as someone spotless. The way you write speaks a lot about you and therefore when you write make sure your writing is not filled with grammatical errors.

This not only reflects your poor dexterity over the English language but also leads to posing serious questions about your spoken and written skills. Therefore, to help you with committing such mistakes, there is a way to check grammatical errors online that will help you write an errorless sentence in perfect English.

So, without further ado, let us check how to check grammatical errors online. 

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Different ways to check grammatical errors online

There is not one, but numerous ways with which you can check grammatical errors in sentences online. Let us have a look at different applications that can help you to check grammatical errors online. 

  1. Grammarly 
check grammatical errors online

Naturally, Grammarly is the first recommendation for everyone new to the writing arena due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It is one of the most popular online editing tools among other tools available online and it is pretty easy to use.

Grammarly detects all kinds of errors in your article or the written content and will alert you if there is a grammatical error or when you need to rephrase the sentence in general if it sounds outdated and highlights punctuation and spellings mistakes, and even examines the overall tone of your article, all real-time.

For using these basics in Grammarly you do not need to pay anything and it comes for free, but if you wish to unlock more features then you need to pay a monthly or annual fee. 

  1. ProWriting Aid

The next in line comes the ProWriting Aid, and online editing software that not only highlights your grammatical errors but goes a step ahead with the suggestions game and alerts you when in any place on your article you can optimise your word choice to make it sound more professional or to prevent the unnecessary usage of too many words. 

Moreover, it also offers many quizzes, in-app explanations, informative videos and other easy ways to improve your vocabulary. Therefore this is something that you can use not only to rectify errors and check your grammatical errors online but also to improve your English vocabulary.

The basic features are available to everyone for free, but to unlock premium features you need to pay the stipulated amount per month or per year, as per convenience. 

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  1. WhiteSmoke

This is not just another software to check grammatical errors in a sentence online, but it also helps in proofreading and editing in more than 50 languages online. This was unavailable in the grammar checking apps that we reviewed above. Therefore, with WhiteSmoke, you can check grammatical errors online is not just in dailydaily English language but also in other foreign languages.

So, this fits well with those who not just deal with English but one or more than one foreign language. If you are in the translation department, then this is something you should give a try. 

Unfortunately, this does not come with a free trial like the above two software and you can pay even to access the basic features. There are two types of plan in WhiteSmoke: the premium plan and the business plan.

Unlike the pricing of the above software, the pricing of WhiteSmoke is very low, somewhere around 5 dollars to 11 dollars per month. 

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  1. The online correction application 
errors in grammar

This is one of the easiest grammar editing tools to be available online and is completely verified. If you are someone whose work is not involved much in writing but handing out occasional emails feels like a task, then the online correction application is something that is made for you.

It is very easy to use as all you need to do is to open the google search bar and put an online correction bar, press enter and click on the website. It is completely free and checks basic grammar and even gives out suggestions for your writing.  

There were the best four applications that can help you to check grammatical errors online.  

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