3 Alternate Sources To Download YouTube Videos For Free

This American online video sharing and social media platform – YouTube has been available for users on a global scale since February 2005. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim are the founders of this platform that millions of users spend hours on. Literally, the YouTubers or the people who upload content on YouTube provide over 100 hours of content every minute!

No wonder this is the go-to option for all those who want to share it with the world as well as those who enjoy watching, as the range of contents is very wide. Starting from musical videos, short films, and other entertainment videos YouTube is also the hub of getting informative, and educational content, hence making it the all-in-one platform where people can enjoy, learn, share views, etc. 

But to download YouTube videos for our computers or phones usually raises a major question, whether it is legally approved or not. In this article, we will focus on how to download Youtube videos without costing you any charges for it. 

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Downloading videos from YouTube

First, let us understand the terms and policies that are applicable for the users and the content they download to get a clear understanding of whether to download from YouTube is legal or does it infringe any law, causing an issue. 

As long as the user downloads a video from YouTube for their own personal cause or offline viewing, there is no issue in doing so. Google’s terms and conditions for YouTube is quite blurry as it states – “You are not allowed to…access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content except: (a) as expressly authorized by the Service; or (b) with prior written permission from YouTube and, if applicable, the respective rights holders.” 

So, just understand that downloading content or videos from YouTube is not illegal until it is for yourself and one might violate Google’s terms and conditions by using a third-party tool for the same. These conditions are mainly because YouTube and the content producers make their earnings based on advertisements and popularity, hence, watching through other channels or in offline mode is not encouraged.

So, if one wants to simply share the content then YouTube has several options to share across various social media platforms while on the other hand, if you have your reasons to download then here is how. 

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Important note

These techniques might change with time and if one is opting for a YouTube Downloader it can change or prompt as a malware by your anti-virus as this software is full of extras that make it flagged as a threat. The same applies to the websites used for this purpose.

YouTube Video Downloader – WinX

Digiarty’s WinX is not only a YouTube video downloader but it allows users to download videos from more than 300 sites. It claims to be clean and 1005 free of malware however the premium service includes ads while installation. To download YouTube videos for free using WinX, follow these steps:

Step 1

Open the YouTube application on a smartphone or go to the web browser to open the YouTube website on it by typing the URL – ‘www.youtube.com’.

Step 2

On the search bar, type the keywords or the title of the YouTUbe video that you are searching for. It can be a single video or a playlist. Now, after choosing the content, right-click on it to copy the URL and launch the Winx software.

Step 3

Upon launching the software, paste the URL link of the video and ‘analyze’ it to check out all the options for downloading. Choose format if required as it is set to the default MP4 format with 1,920-by-1,080 pixels. Other formats like 4K resolution as a WebM file format, MKV file format, etc are available.

Step 4

Select all the videos along with their respective formats, click on the download option. The video stays on your device in the exact format and specifies the destination, file name.

5K Player

The 5K player is to download YouTube videos and much more as it is more of an integrated video or content downloader. This platform seeks for the user’s name and email id to open its wide functionality across hundreds of sites but for YouTube, one can download high-quality videos without any registration. It promises to consist of no virus or malware and neither is any plug-in required.

Step 1

Open the YouTube application on a smartphone or go to the web browser to open the YouTube website on it by typing the URL – ‘www.youtube.com’.

Step 2

Now, after choosing the content, right-click on it to copy the URL, paste it as the analyzer runs, and show all the possible options before initiating the download. The gear-shaped icon shows all the options like the resolution level, file formats, etc.

Step 3

Click download and enjoy your videos, however even if you can select a playlist, the videos will download one by one, hence this might feel tiring.


This is another solution to download YouTube videos for free and it does not require any installation of software as the entire process is done online. Here are the steps to use this website and download YouTube videos.

Step 1

On the browser open the official website of savefrom.net. Click here to do the same.

Step 2

Open the YouTube application on a smartphone or go to the web browser to open the YouTube website.

Step 3

Search and choose the video content to download. Right-click or copy the URL from the YouTube share options.

Step 4

Paste the URL on the tab provided on the savefrom.net website. Choose the format and resolution before downloading the video.

Step 5

Finally, after all the changes are made, click on download. 

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Final words

In this article, we have discussed various solutions to download YouTube videos and the free YouTube video downloader. Hope this was useful for you to enjoy the YouTube videos on your device even while not connected to the internet!


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