Important Highlights Of FAU-G Game You Need To Know

Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) is the next online action game developed by nCore Games, Bengaluru. Most previews that were recorded at the play store in India are less than 24 hours. Let us know more about the details of the Fau-g game and how it is different than its counterpart: the PUBG game and other related video games. Let’s get into it!

FAU-G release date

On India’s Republic Day, 26 January, FAU-G, the highly anticipated rival of the royal PUBG mobile war, is launching. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar dropped the first FAU-G teaser closely associated with the upcoming game that he claims to be to be produced in India. The trailer is lined with snowy places in Ladakh. There is a theme song that can improve your mood for the game in Punjabi and Hindi. However, in the game there is plenty of violence- one of the reasons PUBG Mobile was banned in India is believed to have been one.

The FAU-G trailer, now available from Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter for 1-minute 38 seconds, shows players draped in the uniform of the Indian army battling enemies. Now the subject is heavily inspired by the struggle between India and China, so we see soldiers battling intruders is one of the places that define Indian borders. The creators say FAU-G is a third-person brawler based in the Galwan Valley-the place where the struggles broke out last year. There is no royal fight mode at the start but manufacturers say it will be added later via an update.

NCore Games, the developers of FAU-G, said that there are no weapons in the game that’s what we see in the trailer too. To justify violence. However, depending on the stage a player is at, there will be weapons and other munitions on the game. Previous reports indicated players can select between single-player and multiplayer modes for cooperative players. The Google Play Store listing says that “An elite combat force defends the dignity and sovereignty of a nation high up at the peaks at India’s northern border. It’s an overwhelming challenge for the bravest of all: the Fearless and the United Guardians.

FAU-G will initially be available to Android users via the Google Play store, which was pre-registered at the end of November last year. The manufacturers also reported that over 1 million records were obtained from the FAU-G listing on the Google Play Store. It is not clear whether or not FAU-G will be released for the iOS platform, which, according to StatCounter, accounts for a rise of about 2.69 percent in the Smartphone market in India. This means that the main aim for manufacturers is to push Android people, formerly PUBG Mobile.

How FAU-G is different from free fire?

Free Fire is currently one of the most successful games in the gaming world. The game is a Garena Games survival shooter war. The game also has a large base of players worldwide.


The FAU-G was expected to launch by December 2020. Fearless and United Guards. The next update however was planned for the start of January 2021. It is a game that is reportedly based on actual events.

Free Fire vs Fau-G

In the demographic of India, Free Fire is already a very popular game. The games also have a large player base in India.

FAU-G is still to be published, but the buzz is massive. Therefore the Indian players would most likely be very famous.

The top three differences between the Free-Fire and FAU-G

  • The greatest difference is the difference in genre between the games. FAU-G is going to be an active shooter while Free Fire is a royal shooter in battle. This means FAU-G would not have a battlefield for multiplayer in which players are the last man standing, unlike Free Fire. It’s more of an action shooter that keeps the players occupied with proper fire action.
  • The second difference is that FAU-G is in a certain mode of the storyline. The game features campaigns that advance the plot. There is no story in Free Fire, on the other hand. This is a multiplayer game that permits the player to fall and struggle on a large map.
  • Finally and thirdly, Garena Free Fire is developed by Garena Games. In the meantime, FAU-G is a business based in India, nCore Games.

How FAU-G is different from pubg?

As the launch of PUBG Mobile India takes longer, fans are looking forward to seeing FAU-G mobile games on the market soon. However, Smartphone gamers in India need to know about how subtle the two mobile games are.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar announced last September to create a multiplayer game empowering Premier Narendra Modi to help Atmanirbhar Bharat’s movement called FAU-G.

The goal of this game is to deliver an Indian alternative to the recently prohibited PUBG Mobile, as well as 117 additional games. The new game was released and will be developed under Akshay Kumar. The new game is announced by the developer.

5 differences between FAU-G and PUBG:

  • The FAU-G mobile game is an action game according to developer updates, whereas the PUBG is a royal fight game, though developers have said that PUBG Mobile India doesn’t truly compete in FAU-G.
  • The first episode of the FAU-G is speculated to be based on the recent episode of Galwan Valley with China. In comparison to PUBG Mobile India, FAU-G is focused on an actual occurrence.
  • PUBG is produced in South Korea while FAU-G is produced in India. PUBG Mobile India is a revamped version of the original PUBG Company established in South Korea.
  • The privacy of the player information in the FAU-G mobile game is never a problem as it is stored in the region. This is not the case with PUBG, however, since it is a foreign game and India has forbidden this game in the region.
  • FAU-G is a new game with a new perspective on India’s internal problem. The PUBG Mobile India is a custom version of the original mobile PUBG game, on the other hand. The Indian game is more appropriate for Indians than for others.

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