FAU-G To Be Launched For Android : The Full Review

FAU-G is scheduled to launch the mobile made-in-India game by nCore Games on January 26. There has been a lot of hype around the game since September last year, while it’s all known about the game from a couple of teasers and trailers. It was revealed immediately following a ban in India on the Chinese App called PUBG.

FAU-G is a courageous and Unified Guards action game, created in India by nCore Games, a Bangalore-based business. Akshay Kumar declared FAU-G on Twitter in September that he supports the Bollywood star. He also said that 20% of revenues generated by a match will be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer trust. Atmanirbhar’s movement and that “players will learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers”.

The FAU-G level is based in the Galwan Valley Skirmish, where the Indian army engages with the Chinese troops, according to the co-founder Vishal Gondal of the nCore Games. Then the Akshay Kumar posted the teaser in October, which gave us an insight into the Game’s brawler mechanics.

According to a source, FAU-G will launch the story mode and later multiplayer and fight royal modes.

Fau-G Launched on Android

Finally, the highly awaited FAU-G release date is here and millions of Smartphone users across the country will start the game. FAU-G has finally been released in India only at this time for Android Smartphones, aka Fearless and Unified Guards. Where there is no view on the iOS listing. The mobile game can be predicted to be an immense success in the country by the impressive pre-registration figures. But if last year, you hope that FAU-G will be a substitute for PUBG Mobile in India, we regret to inform you, at least at this stage, that these two games are radically different. The biggest difference between these two is the absence of FAU-G multiplayer mode, which was very common with PUBG Mobile, at the very moment.

How To Download Fau-G on Android?

FAU-G is only available for Android users. You just need to go to the Google Play Store to download the action game or the so-called PUBG Mobile alternative. Here is a step-by-step guide on the download of FAU-G.

  • Link your Android phone first with secure Wi-Fi.
  • Then you open the phone and go to the Play Store on Google.
  • Specified in the search bar FAU-G or nCore games or FAUG.
  • There are several different choices, several fake FAU-G models. Check the “Studio nCore Pvt Ltd.” option. FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards is the official name of this game. Make sure that your mobile device installs the correct game.
  • Tap on the option to download next. Depending on your Wi-Fi networks’ pace, it should take a few seconds.
  • Install it after the update is completed. It should take a couple of seconds, too.
  • The so-called PUBG Smartphone alternatives have yet to be taken into account. 

Fau-G Game Modes

FAU-G appears to be launched in a campaign mode that begins in the Galwan Valley Skirmish, where the Indian Army had a clash with Chinese soldiers last year. It’s going to be a game for one player. nCore Games has already confirmed that online multiplayer and royal fighting modes are not available at launch, but are added in an update later. Since the campaign mode only lasts a few hours, it is important to see if the game can hold the audience until other modes of the game are introduced in a future update.

Fau-G Supported Phones

The list of phones supported by FAUG is very comprehensive and it is possible to download and play it on any Android 8.0 or higher Smartphone. This means you can play the game on any Android 8, 9, 10, and 11 cell phone or tablet. For iOS, nCore Games said that its App Store listing isn’t live at the moment, but IGN India has started it for iPhones.

Fau-G Download Size

The file size varies by device, but the download size is approximately 500MB. The download size varies.

Fau-G Gameplay Review

FAU-G was launched on Google Play Store on 26 January and was revealed last September. We installed the game and played it a little so that we can gain insight into the overall images. It is the first thing that many thought it was, this is not the alternative to PUBG Mobile. Certainly, there is no multiplayer mode, but we are not too excited to wait for the other modes after playing the original game’s history mode.


FauG Gameplay Review: Graphics

The graphics looked at the game’s first version. It is a moment of immense pride for everybody in India because it was built locally. But the gameplay did not provide enough to explore the area, even after decent graphics. As more versions are developed, we expect that graphics will improve further, and also, a better frame rate support is expected. But FAU-G is seriously behind when we compare graphics with PUBG Mobile.

Users have the option, just as in PUBG Mobile, to increase graphic rates for ultra because there isn’t too much difference.

FauG Gameplay Review: Modes And Storyline

Only one mode is currently available for users to play. It has a decent background in campaign mode. If users want to jump right into the game, they can save the storyline. Notice that the site is inspired by the Galwan Valley, but it’s not a story. It is a game-oriented fictional story.

The subtle narration of the Hindi was what we did about the game. But it must be timed a little better because dialogs have always come as the enemies fight, taking a feeling away from the game. Users do not get any guns like PUBG Mobile about firearms choices.

This was a conscious decision of the developers to make the story real and Indian. The users have knives and long-swords to hit their enemies (not too sure what they are called). Only small hits are offered by guns.

FauG Gameplay Review: What We Didn’t Like And What Can Be Improved

It was the battle sequence that we did not like about the game. One man must battle many people at the same time, and nothing is real. In two minutes, the fighting moves get older and the use of guns is nothing thrilling.

The time and the combat sequence of guns must be increased. The battle is too dull and there is not anything one can do in the story except to go straight, to destroy the same kind of enemy level by level.

FAUG pre-registration

FauG Gameplay Review: What’s Good?

So it was the audio and delivery that we liked about the game. First, since delivery and narrative are easy to understand, it’s really easy to understand what the game is about. The audio is ready with the cold wind gushing in the ears, and the hits on enemy bodies are very real.

FAU-G Review: Worth Playing?

Well, it is very much up to the consumer. You won’t like the game if you are someone you equate to PUBG Mobile all the time. But it’s quite a good game to spend the time on its own. But we could see how easily anyone’s going to get bored. So the game still has a long way to go and developers still have a lot to do with daily updates and improved gameplay.

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