The Most Useful 5 Gadgets To Have During The Time Of Pandemic

During the time of the pandemic, when there are frequent lockdowns and the uncertainty of the duration keeps on lingering above all of us, it is necessary to keep all the necessities stocked up in the house rather than waiting for the lockdown imposition to lift and wait for it until the end moment.  Here are the gadgets you need to own during COVID-19.

Now, you might be surprised to know that there are certain gadgets you need to own during the COVID-19 situation to refrain from any mishap. It is as crucial as stocking up groceries in your home and you must never overlook it. 

As we have seen that each day lakhs of people are infected with COVID-19 and the cases are increasing, it is imperative that we keep these gadgets that are concerned with the COVID-19 handy at all times. Therefore, during this pandemic, to protect ourselves and our loved ones, let us have a look at some of the important gadgets you need to own during the COVID-19 situation in our country. 

Crucial gadgets you need to own during COVID-19

Here is the list of some of the most important gadgets you need to own during COVID-19 that will help you to protect yourself and prevent the chances of virus catching you.

  1. The UV light sanitiser bar for your home 

This must be something new to hear after hand sanitisers are the only option that has been presented to us. Let us make this clearer to you with a simple explanation. Every day even with our hands sanitised, we touch do many objects outside and inside our house unconsciously. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from the germs and virus that might be present on the objects, you can sanitise them.

All you need is the UV light sanitisers bar and turn it on and point it towards the object you wish to sanitise and then feel free to use it. This UV light sanitisers bar kills off germs as effectively as your hand sanitisers and can kill germs within 3 seconds and up to 3 minutes. The cost of a UV light sanitiser is somewhere between 1000-2000 INR and it is pretty affordable. 

  1. A pulse oximeter
gadgets you need to own during COVID-19

This is one of the most crucial gadgets to buy during this time of COVID-19 and it must be present in every home. You might have found oximeters in doctors office chambers and hospitals a lot during this time, but its use is not limited to those places only.

Oxymeters tells the levels of your oxygen and therefore can warn if a person is running low on oxygen and needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately. It is painless and uses beam rays to check the level of oxygen your blood is carrying in the veins. It is not at all costly and is available at around 500-1000 INR online. 

  1. An infrared thermometer

This again is very important during these hard times of pandemic as it is practically impossible and outright dangerous to use a normal mercury thermometer to measure an individual’s body temperature. Now if you want to go out or want to call someone at your home, it is better to get the body temperature checked first and access the permission only if the body temperature is fine.

With the help of the infrared thermometer, you can check the body temperature without even touching the person and keeping his/her and your masks and gloves on. Therefore, it not only protects you and them but also warns you if someone’s body temperature is higher. 

  1. Blood pressure monitors

If you are someone who lives with their parents or suffers from hypertension or hypotension, then it is something you ought to have. With the help of the blood pressure monitors, you can note down your bp every day and report it to your doctor over the phone instead of going out and being exposed to the virus.

Therefore, this is also a protective gadget that you need to own in COVID-19 and looks out for your ease and comfort, too. 

  1. Vegetable and fruit disinfectant 

Every day we are purchasing groceries from outside and it is something that we cannot protect ourselves from and all we can do to sanitise it to wash after coming home. But with the help of this disinfectant, it can not only be eliminated from the fruits and vegetables but also reduces the chances of risk you are exposed to.

All you need to do is to fill the container with water and then soak all the vegetables and fruits into it and later immerse the tube of the disinfectant machine into it. 

Therefore, these were our picks on the best five gadgets you need to own during the COVID-19 situation. 

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