Don’t Have Google Assistant On Your PC? Here Is An Easy Way To Get It!

Google assistant is made by Google which is a virtual voice assistant. It can offer you a wide variety of services like listening to voice commands, voice-searching and voice-activated controls on devices. You can count all your tasks with the keywords being ‘Hey Google’ and ‘OK Google.’ It holds up many conversations and carries out the technical tasks that you demanded like calling X or set an alarm for 15 minutes. 

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Google assistant can set an appointment, make you experience real-time spoken translations, send messages, make calls, open any application you want on your phone, play and stop music, find the relevant information regarding anything you ask for and also play content on your phone from other devices that are compatible with it, etc. 

Seeing all these possibilities, it becomes of vital importance to have google assistant for pc as things are more cluttered there your computer is the only place where you multitask. Therefore, many people have resorted to google assistant for pc in order to declutter all their tasks and files that are present on their list. 

How about Google Assistant for windows 10?

As the majority has found the invention of virtual assistants extremely helpful and working at one-s own disposal, the next thing you as a reader would want to know is that if google assistant for pc id available, and specifically for windows 10 as it is the most commonly used operating system everywhere. 

Now, this can be a setback to you to know that google assistant for pc is not available directing, unfortunately. But as we do not have any direct means to install google assistant for windows 10, then we have another long and promising method to install google assistant for pc. Let us have a look at the steps to install google assistant for pc. 

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How to get google assistant on pc?

Here is a detailed step-to-step guide to help you with the procedure of downloading google assistant on pc. Have a look at the following methods:

  1. Download and install the Python software on your windows. Click here to know about how to download and install python on your windows computer.
  2. Before you click the button of ‘Install now’ make sure your python 3.7 to PATH as it is essential to make google assistant run on your pc.
  3. In the windows file explorer option, go to the drive directory which is usually the C drive. From there select a new folder icon and make a new folder. Name this folder and ‘GoogleAssistant’. Make sure you do not add up any spaces otherwise it will create problems in your future steps.
  4. Open your web browser and go to the Google Cloud Platform
  5. Tap on the ‘Create a project’ option on the above tab. If a message prompt asks you to enter your email details, then sign if you do not have the account.
  6. Another option will come up wherein you will be asked to enter the details. In the project name section, write ‘WinGoogleAssistant’and write down your Project-ID as you will be needing it later in the process. 
  7. Now in another tab on the web browser, open Google Assistant APIs. Here you will the button for disabling and enable the Google Assistant API. Turn on the Google Assistant API for your project.
  8. Moving on, tap on the ‘Select Credentials’ option.
  9. In the next dropdown menu, on the ‘Add credentials to your project’, choose these three options: 
  • In the first option, it will ask: ‘Which API are you using?’ Choose Google Assistant API.
  • The nest follow up query will be: ‘Where will you be calling the API from?’ Choose: Other UI (eg; Windows, etc)
  • The third question will be: ‘what data will you be accessing?’ Choose: User data
  1. Once you are finished with these above three sub-steps, click on the ‘What credentials do I use’ present in the end. 
  2. A pop-up message will appear asking to set up the consent screen. Click on the ‘Set up the consent screen’ option.
  3. In the same credential window, under the next sub-heading of the consent screen, there will be an option of ‘Application type.’ Change it to internal and under the ‘Application name’ type: WinGoogleAssistant. 
  4. Scroll till the end where you find the option for saving. Select save. 
  5. Now select ‘Create credentials’ again and go to the ‘Help me choose’ option.
  6. The next screen appears where you need to follow the steps as you followed in point 9.
google assistant for pc
  1. Under the name box in ‘Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID’, type ‘WGAcredentials.’
  2. Tap on the ‘Select OAuth client ID.’
  3. After finishing these steps, click on ‘Done.’
  4. On the right side of the credentials, you just created, click on the down arrow icon. When you hover the mouse pointer on it, it will display the ‘Download JSON’ option.
  5. Save the above JSON file in the Google Assistant folder you created in step 3 of the process.
  6. Open the windows command prompt and type: py -m pip install google-assistant-sdk[samples]
  7. It will start the installation process. Wait for it and once it is finished, enter: py -m pip install –upgrade google-auth-oauthlib[tool]
  8.  Now in the windows file explorer, go to the JSON fiel created in the GoogleAssistant folder.
  9. Right-click on the JSON file and click on ‘Properties.’
  10. Copy the file name from the file name field.
  11. Go back to the command prompt window and enter google-oauthlib-tool –client-secrets C:\GoogleAssistant
  12.  Then paste the name of the file you copied in Step 25.
  13.  Now, press Enter.
  14. In order to authorize the application, copy the URL displayed at the end. 
  15. Copy-paste this URL in your browser and use the same google account.
  16. Click on the ‘Allow option’ to give access to Google Assistant.
  17. A long string of letters appear on your screen, copy it. This is the authorization code.
  18. Again, go back to the command prompt window and paste the authorization code.
  19. To check the final testing, type: py -m googlesamples.assistant.grpc.audio_helpers and your computer will record the voice and play it back for you to listen.
  20. Now the project ID, created in step 6 will be used. Type: cd C:\GoogleAssistant and press enter.
  21.  Type: googlesamples-assistant-devicetool –project-id and press spacebar and then type the Project ID. Again press spacebar, type: register-model –manufacturer “Assistant SDK developer” –product-name “Assistant SDK light” –type LIGHT –model “GA4W”
  22. Press enter and the process is finished.
  23. In order to start the Google Assistant for windows 10, type: py -m googlesamples.assistant.grpc.pushtotalk –device-model-id “GA4W” –project-id 

Type your project ID in the above command after two spaces as shown.

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google assistant for windows 10

After you press enter, you can ask questions to the Google assistant for pc. The process is extremely lengthy but generally does not take much time while you are in the process. 

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