Change Background in Microsoft Teams: 4 Awesome Ways You Need To Know

Microsoft teams are highly praised for their user free, intuitive UI and a lot of user-friendly features, which are one of the most common collaboration apps on the globe. Microsoft has taken good care in creating an application that fulfils all your business needs, and that alone could have easily helped it become one of the best apps in the sector. However, the company is far from being complacent.

Microsoft Teams takes immense pride in making you or your organization appear more professional on the platforms. And avoiding accidental background bloopers, while we are working from home, is an absolute need. So Microsoft helps you to blur the backdrop, to pick or adjust custom backgrounds, to ensure that nothing is embarrassing or disruptive while you are at a public conference call. You can easily change backgrounds in Microsoft teams. In this article, we are going to brief you on How to change the background in Microsoft teams.

Change Background in Microsoft Teams

How to change background in Microsoft Teams?

We are very happy to say that Yes, finally we change the background in Microsoft teams. 

Via an update released on April 9th 2020, Microsoft Teams now helps you choose a custom background for your official meeting. This option is part of the ‘Background effects’ menu. We recommend you to read the section below to see how to add a custom background to your Microsoft Teams meeting.

The company has made it easier to add a custom background inside Teams as users can upload their own images as a background via the Background Effects window.

How to Change background before a meeting?

Are you Starting up Teams and waiting for a meeting to begin? Well, You can change your background just now! Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

For the starters, simply open your Background Effects. Right Before joining a Teams video, you can easily view this icon as it is available to the right of your microphone switch. The icon looks like a small person sitting in front of a static background. If you are not able to see this option on your device, then choose Settings to take a closer look.

Step 2

After this, a new side of the window should now pop open on the right of your screen. This will have all of your background effects. The first option that says “ban” symbol, will save your screen to your real background if you want. The second option available at the top is a blur effect, which employs AI tech to simply blur your background and mask everything except your face. If you don’t have varied background preferences and just want some privacy or even you just want to hide a mess, enabling blur is a quickest and easiest way to change your background.

Step 3

If you do not like the look of blue and prefer to pick a background of your choice, by scrolling down on the Background Effects window you will see all the images that you can put up as your background. Many of them are just basic white rooms that won’t cause any distraction, but there are also options of nature scenes and fantasy landscapes to pick from. When you find one that you like, you can choose the Preview button at the bottom to see how it will look on your window. Microsoft has mentioned that they may add the ability to use your own images as backgrounds, but at the moment, this feature is not available.

Step 4

When you have finally found a background of your choice, click on Apply, and this will change your background for your upcoming online meeting.

How to change background during a meeting?

If you have already started a video meeting and are worried about changing background in Microsoft teams during the meeting, then we have a solution for you. You can still apply a background effect any time you want even during a meeting; it is just a slightly different process.

Step 1: You need to look at your Control Bar for Teams on the screen. It has different icons for the camera, mic, etc. Now, simply click on the Three Dots to access more settings.

Step 2: Now, when your additional settings pop up on the screen, you should look for the option that says Show Background Effects. Click on it. This will open up the same side window that we mentioned for our previous instructions.

Step 3: The same options will be shown to you now, including the options to blur the screen. However, if your official video meeting has already begun, the Preview button is much more important than ever especially when other people are in the meeting. You must use Preview to cycle through the backgrounds you like the best until you find the perfect one. This would avoid switching backgrounds on the video conference itself. When you find one that works for you, click on Apply to start using it.

Important compatibility note

If you are looking at these methods and not seeing any of the options that we’re talking about, they might not be available to you. You should ensure that your device is updated, and apply any updates to Teams if they are available to you. If you still cannot see any tools for changing your background, the ability might not be available on your particular device, although you will still see an option for blurring your background (this feature was introduced in 2018). However, if you want to switch to an alternative device like a desktop PC, you must be able to access full background features.

Microsoft teams

How can you blur the background in Teams video call?

Microsoft Teams is all about ease of use, and this feature is no different. There are two methods by which you can enable background blur.

Before joining the Video call

Before you have joined a Microsoft Teams conference call, you can easily toggle in background blur, thus making sure you’re going in prepared. To do this, simply click on the Video Blur Toggle located on the final screen before your official conference call connects.

During a call

Of course, You can also opt to toggle in background blur while you’re in a video conference. Apart from the conventional click-and-select method, there is a handy keyboard shortcut.

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Keyboard shortcut

You need to press  CTRL+Shift+P  to toggle on background blurring.

The conventional way to blur background

Step 1: While you are on a video call, select the Ellipsis that is a vertical three-dot icon. Then select Show background effects. 

Step 2: Now you will see the ‘Background settings’ menu in the right pane. It has quite a list of custom backgrounds as well as the Blur option.

Step 3: At last, you need to click on the Blur option (that is right on the top) to select it, and then choose the Preview button at the bottom of the right side to get a preview of it on your video. Now, simply click Apply to get the blur effect on your video. Now, your background will be blurred instantly after this.

That’s it! This was our guide to change the background in Microsoft Teams

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