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 Keep source formatting option, this option takes the slide and uses the same thing used in the source document or basically the original theme of ways you can merge the presentations but this is a quicker way.

How To Combine PowerPoint Presentation?
  • Combining PowerPoint presentation: it’s demanding for 2 or a lot of individuals to figure on a PowerPoint Presentation at the same time because the workplace does not have constant collaboration options offered by Google Slides, a way around this drawback is to mix PowerPoint presentation into one file.
  • Choose the presentation files to merge:

At first, open file soul and notice the presentation that you just need to mix. Decide that shows {you need|you would like|you wish to merge along with this area unit the shows with lights that you just want to select up and move to a different file click on every file name to open that presentation.

  • Add slides to be merged:

Once the shows area unit open you’re able to choose the flights to be combined with the primary flight will hold down Shift and click on the Last Ride currently Press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to repeat to slides

  • Set the theme for the combined PowerPoint presentation:

Switch over to the presentation file that you just need to feature the slides to and right-click within the sidebar their area unit 2 choices that you just got to look into for merging presentation the primary possibility is that the use destination theme act and select it.

The best methodology for merging PowerPoint files or a minimum of the strategy that PowerPoint formally supports distributes the read slide possibility this feature merges the content of one presentation goes into another matching the theme of the new presentation file in the method.

Do this open within the Home tab on the Ribbon bar.

Select the New slide button, then click the “Reuse Slides” possibility at the all-time low of the computer menu that seems.

A menu can seem on the right-click the browser button to find the PowerPoint presentation file that you just need an excessive amount of into your open file. find your second PowerPoint file then click the Open button to insert it.

The list of slides from your second presentation can seem within the reprocess slides menu on the proper. first, you may get to select the format for your inserted slides, if you would like to stay the format together with the theme, from the initial presentation certify that the keep supply format checkbox is enabled at an all-time low of the reused slide menu if you do not check this you’re inserted slides can have the fashion of open presentation applied to them.

To insert a private slide right-click the slide then choose the insert slide possibility. otherwise, click the insert all slides to repeat all of the slides into your open PowerPoint presentation.

You slide for the slide can then be inserted into the open presentation, forthwith beneath the presently selected slide, along with your PowerPoint files combined you’ll then save your incorporated file by checking File as Save or Save As. this can be one of the ways through that we tend to mix PPT.

  • Copying and pasting PowerPoint slides:

While the new slide methodology permits you to alter the format of your slides before you insert them you’ll additionally mix PowerPoint files by repetition the slides from one PowerPoint file and inserting them into another.

This opens a PowerPoint presentation and chooses the slides you would like to repeat from the slide choice menu on the left, from there right-click on the chosen slides and impress copy to repeat them to your writing board.

PowerPoint presentation you’re wanting to stick your slide into then within the slide section menu on the left right-click at the position you would like to stick it.

To stick slides and apply the theme of the open presentation file to them, click the employment destination theme paste possibility.

Keep supply {formatting|format|data format|data format|information|info} is employed to stay the initial theme and formatting thus paste possibility instead.

You can save the incorporated file by clicking File then going for save then save as.

Awkward translation between Microsoft PowerPoint presentation will be a deal-breaker when your presentation finishes and you sit down along with your consumer and lose interest in what your company needs to provide why your colleagues presentation hundreds, by combining 2 shows into one seamless whole the transition is swish and you each look skilled, in PowerPoint you set along with a private presentation exploitation the Waves like feature and maintain original format for every presentation.

Object insertion:

The insert object methodology is your most suitable choice if you would like to insert all slides from the Associate in Nursing external presentation and keep the animations and transitions between them.

Detain your mind that when you insert the slides into your new presentation is also connected to the initial file. as that any changes you created to the initial file won’t attract the slides you inserted into your main presentation.

If you accessorial the slides in your main presentation then the external file from that to repeat those slides can stay unchanged.

combine powerpoint presentation

Let’s see the step of however the insert object methodology works about how to combine PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Launch PowerPoint and open the most presentation.
  • Insert a replacement slide delete the text boxes because it ought to be utterly blank.
  • Click the Insert tab within the main menu.
  • Click the item icon.
  • Click produce a file then browse.
  • you may get to the insert object dialogue box, there you ought to choose the product from file possibility.
  • Browse for the external presentation you’d prefer to insert into your main one and double click thereon.
  • Next, you will see only the First slide of the imported presentation do you cannot see them at the moment the remaining slides are below.
  • Stretch the inserted objects to fit the size of the slide of your main presentation to avoid changes in the size of the slides once you play the presentation.

 After you have successfully inserted the entire object into you the main presentation you can adjust and make sure it runs smoothly. 

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