How To Enable Precision TouchPad Drivers For Your Laptop?

Have a good portable laptop but don’t love the trackpad? This straightforward guide will show you how to enable precision touchpad drivers, the ways to interchange your Elan or Synaptics drivers with the popular Microsoft Precision ones instead!

Windows trackpads are one of the largest criticisms that users have once it comes to fashionable laptops. Abundant of that disapproval is mitigated if laptop makers simply utilize Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad drivers as we tend to habitually mention in our Windows Central portable laptop reviews.

Here are some ways of how to enable precision touchpad drivers and modify the Precision Touchpad drivers on what ought to be any portable laptop that uses Synaptics or Elan drivers. Originally noticed on Reddit, this fast guide can breathe new life into your premium Windows portable laptop.

To be clear, we tend to talk a little bit of a “hack” and not an official resolution, thus make sure to do a fast backup just in case.

What are we doing?

Before we start, let us justify how this all works. Microsoft Precision Touchpad Drivers are a mix of multitouch physical trackpad and also the drivers that power the gestures and movement. Most high-end laptops use glass/metal trackpads with multi-gesture support.

how to enable precision touch pad drivers

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Where they vary is- the driver alternative. For example, HP uses Synaptics for its Spectre series of premium laptops. Razer uses Synaptics on the 14-inch Razer Blade, but have switched to Precision drivers for the new Razer Blade concealing and Razer Blade pro. An equivalent for MSI, that uses Elan drivers on its concealing pro line of recreation laptops.

All of us tend to put in the Microsoft Precision drivers in laptops and substituting the Synaptics or Elan ones. The drivers return from Lenovo (Synaptics) and Softpedia (Elan).

Why go for it?

The rule of thumb is Microsoft Precision drivers, created for Windows 10 and customized by Microsoft themselves for the “ideal” trackpad expertise.

Most users contemplate the sensitivity, movement, and gestures of the Precision to be higher than Synaptics or Elan.

What did it get tested on?

We have verified that this trick works on Razer Blade (2016 and 2017 editions) and horsepower Spectre x360 13- and 15-inch models. It has been done multiple times across five completely different devices, and everyone worked.

Others have confirmed it’s functioning on the dingle Alienware fourteen (2013), horsepower collapsible shelter fifteen, some Asus laptops with Elan, dicot genus draw a bead on M5, and more.

What you would love in this and what should be done?

For most users, simply obtaining the drivers below, is all you would like.

For Razer Blade owners, however, it is recommended to have a wired or wireless mouse on standby because the method briefly kills the trackpad (you will, of course, still navigate via keyboard).

First, to work out that driver you would like – Synaptics or Elan – simply do the following:

  • Right-click on begin
  • Choose Device Manager
  • Double-click “Mice and other pointing devices”.
  • See if it says Elan Input Device or Synaptics HID TouchPad

Once you recognize which drivers you presently have, you can easily grab the ones that you need:

  • Download Synaptics driver from Lenovo
  • Download Elan driver from Softpedia
  • Save these to the device on which you are substituting the drivers.

Steps to install Precision Touchpad drivers:

Now it is time to put in the driving force. The complete method ought to take now, not more than 5 minutes.

While there is no such permanent damage from this guide, still make sure that you follow the directions properly to confirm that you simply perform right. If this does not work for you, there’s an honest likelihood you probably did not follow the instructions exactly!

Installing Precision Drivers:

  • Unzip the downloaded drivers to a brief directory and build a note of wherever they are.
  • Right-click on “begin”.
  • Choose “Device Manager”.
  • Double-click “Mice and other pointing devices”.
  • Right-click on “Synaptics/Elan device”.
  • Choose “Update driver”.
  • Click on “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  • Tap on the “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer” option.
  • Pick “Have Disk.….”
  • Choose the option “Browse… and navigate to the folder where you have extracted the Precision drivers”.
  • Select “Autorun. inf” from the directory of Precision drivers.
  • Select “Synaptics pointing Device” (or Elan) and then click on “Next”.
  • In the “Update Driver” Warning select “Yes”.
  • Let the driver get installed and then restart your laptop or PC to modify which it should be.

The Razer Blade owners who do the above steps will kill the trackpad. But do not worry!

Restart the laptop and then repeat the above steps from one to six. However, instead of step seven, choose “Search automatically for updated driver software” in its place.

The OS can currently search Windows Update and grab a more recent driver and install it. Once put in your trackpad, can sit back in and you are equipped.

All users must perform the above steps to confirm the newest Precision driver is put in – it will not hurt it.

With the completion of all the steps, you will be able to navigate to Settings > Devices > Touchpad, and it ought to currently say at the above steps, “Your laptop features a Precision touchpad”. Below are several new native Windows 10 gesture choices and configuration skills mentioned, that you simply might want to tinker with, e.g., indicator speed, touchpad sensitivity, etc.

How to enable precision touchpad drivers: Conclusion

Like all unsupported modifications, there we may tend to miss out on certain things that we need to note. For example, on the two (out of three) of our Razer Blades, the precision touchpad drivers stop operating once it resumes from standby for unknown reasons. Our horsepower Spectre x360s, however, have had no problems.

Using the equivalent steps given above, you can also roll back the trackpad driver to the previous one, or simply use your manufacturer’s drivers to put in over the Precision one. However, we expect most of you must keep on with Precision since it is simply higher.

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