4 Pro Tips On How To Reduce The Size Of PPT

A PowerPoint presentation without videos, audio, and pictures is boring but adding them can increase the size which would be trouble for you. Isn’t it?

Many times when we try to send ppts via email attachment it crosses the stipulated limit and it becomes tedious to literally send your attachments. Well, one can put it into a dropbox before sending but it’s is important to reduce the size first.

Fortunately, there are few techniques that are good and will definitely help you out to reduce the size of ppt. In this article, we will see some of the best techniques to reduce the size of ppt. 

You can learn these tricks to ace in how to reduce the size of ppt. Your colleague will definitely thank you later.

How to reduce the size of ppt?

1. Compress your image

Let’s try to learn about compression techniques and several other ways to reduce the size of ppt.

Images are one of the most used things in a PowerPoint presentation. Compressing the size of pictures can decrease the overall size of your PowerPoint file.

We all have a habit of pasting pictures from all over the internet while working on a Powerpoint presentation. Now, while doing this we often bring large image files to our PowerPoint without thinking about the size of the image. It would make your ppt size large and you might have to reduce the size of ppt. 

Now let’s see how you can do the compression of an image, select an image inside of your PowerPoint PPT file. On the ribbon, you’ll see a Picture Tools > Format tab. Press on this tab and then locate the Compress Pictures option.

Once you’ve selected the Compress Pictures option in PowerPoint, you’ll see a new pop-up menu to twitch the compression settings for the image you have selected.

reduce the size of ppt

On this particular menu, there are two key settings to double-check:

  • You should always ensure that Delete cropped areas of pictures is checked; this ultimately removes any pixels that you’ve already dropped out of an image. One should keep in mind that this will help you to prevent from re-cropping the picture to include those pixels afterward.
  • You should set a Resolution on the low-end of the options, let’s say 96 PPI to ultimately reduce the accuracy of images and reduce the size of ppt.

If you have multiple keys, you can compress large images by using this feature as a starting point to decrease the size of your presentation document.

2. Compress all pictures in your PowerPoint

Now we’ve to know the value of compressing images, let’s see how we can compress each image and reduce the size of ppt.

On Windows, the feature is quite simple, you just have to untick the Apply only to this picture option on the Compress Pictures pop-up window. Your PowerPoint will ultimately get reduced for all the images 

But for Mac PowerPoint users, the feature appears slightly differently in the Compress Pictures menu. 

You can follow the same directions if you want to access the Compress Pictures menu, with an image selected, go to Picture Format > Compress Pictures. On this menu, the option reads Apply to All pictures in this file. This has the same effect and will downsize your images.

One has to be careful when compressing the image! Make sure that you are not removing the cropped image permanently because you might need to re-use it later.

3. Save a low PPI copy

In the Compress Pictures tip, you can reduce the resolution of the images inside the PowerPoint presentation. This tip will have a lot of the same effects, but it would be for the entire PowerPoint presentation.

There are many of the amazing PowerPoint (PPT) themes on GraphicRiver, let’s say, ultra-high-resolution versions. These files definitely look great on modern, high-resolution laptops and tablets though.

However, if your projects are to be projected or used on projectors or online then it is of no use. So, It’s better to save a lower PPI version to remove that unwanted resolution in the interest of compressing your PowerPoint presentation into a smaller size.

To do that, choose File > Save as when you’re really ready to complete the presentation. On the save options, tab the dropdown arrow on the Tools button, and choose Save Options.

On the Advanced tab, you can check the Discard editing data option, which will then remove the edit history for your file and then reduce the size of the file. Also, reduce the default resolution to a smaller size to reduce the final file.

These options are an appropriate way to reduce the final PowerPoint file size. Do remember that you can always save a copy of the original file so that your original which is a full-resolution copy is there if need it in the future.

4. Link to videos in your presentation

Many presentations will include video files to add some variety to the presentation, but how you add them will really affect the size of your finished PowerPoint file. Another option to reduce your PowerPoint file size is to link to multimedia objects, instead of getting them inside of the file. There are some application like handbrake which you can check it out if you want to reduce the size of ppt.

Many of the presentations include video files to add some variation to the presentation, but how to add a presentation that will not affect the size of the presentation? How to reduce the size of the ppt?

Here are some tips to reduce the size of ppt:

For inserting a video on your device into your PowerPoint presentation, head towards the Insert tab on the ribbon and tab on Video > Video on My PC.

  • You can insert the video directly into the PowerPoint file.
  • Then you can link to the video file.

For linking your video, browse wherever your video file is stored. Then you can click the dropdown arrow which is next to the Insert button, and then choose Link to File to insert the video which is inside of your PowerPoint document.

When you’ll link to the video it will ultimately give reference to the original file and will link it automatically. So, in general, you are creating a link to your video file instead of actually adding it to your presentation documents.

The disadvantage of linking your video would be that if you link your video to your presentation and give it to someone else, the video will not play in a proper manner. Powerpoint will keep looking for the video in the outside device instead of the PowerPoint device.

These were some of the tips to reduce the size of ppt. We hope you liked our article.


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