Want To Stream PC Games On Phone? Here’s How You Can Do It

You are not alone if you want to play any of your favorite PC games on your phone. Not everybody likes to get attached to their desk while they play games. Luckily, without any more expenditure, you can stream games directly to your phone.

We don’t speak about streaming games over 5G/4G as it also depends on network conditions and efficiency. Let us dive into it and learn how you can stream a pc game on your smartphone. 

Steam link

You must first install Moonlight (NVIDIA GPUs), steam connection, or Parsec to start playing Pc games on your Smartphone. You need to install the steam connection app on your Smartphone while most of your library is on steam. Steam link could be the smoothest experience for most games, but you can also try Moonlight or AMD link. Your phone must be on the same network as your PC/Gaming laptop to ensure streaming works.

How To Stream Any PC Game Easily To Your Smartphone For Free

You will scan your network for computers running Steam when you launch the Steam Link app on your phone. Select your PC and enter a 4-digit code on your steam phone on your PC. A fast network quality test will be carried out in the Steam connection app. In the setting, you can even choose whether the video value depends on your bandwidth, “Fast” or “Beautiful”.


Moonlight still functions in the same way, but it is only for users of NVIDIA graphic cards and includes the installed NVIDIA GeForce Experience in your PC. You must open the application on your PC and go to the settings. Then, in a Shield Tab menu, turn on the Game Stream switch.

How To Stream Any PC Game Easily To Your Smartphone For Free

The next move is to get Moonlight mounted on your Smartphone. After the app has begun, a list of PCs with Game Stream allowed will be displayed. If you are unsure, you can also find and click on the “Add Host” button and enter the IP address of your PC. Similar to Steam connect, Moonlight will send you a PIN that you need to enter into your PC’s pop-up window. You will start to play games on your Smartphone after the PIN is entered.

For both purposes, we must remember that the game session needs to stay on your PC. To stream the game wirelessly, both your PC and Smartphone must be on the same network. Unless you are very far from the router, latency should not be a concern. We recommend that you get a capable router like the Ubiquiti Dream Machine when you need to play the game far removed from your routers.

Other streaming apps (stream pc games on phone)

It turned into something far more ambitious that began with a beta program. Xbox Game pass has become the de-facto solution for all Xbox games from wherever you are. Set up your phone and take your favorite controller and switch on the Xbox Game Streaming feature.

There are currently over 100 titles to choose from, but we expect more- first and third-party titles-to come. After Microsoft purchased Bethesda, it was not shocking to see what was available sooner rather than later to us like Fallout or Doom.

Xbox Game Streaming is supported by many of Android’s more popular phones. You can sign up for a free trial and you can pay $14.99 a month for a Game Pass Ultimate. Getting started is quick and fast.

Razer Kishi Project xCloud

NVIDIA GeForce now is an obvious choice for the best streaming game applications because the library is very large. There are over 500 games that operate with the service. As long as you own the game, you can probably play it via GeForce Now on Steam, UPlay, and other PC platforms. You can then play it on other PCs or even on your phone.

You will be able to play only for an hour at a time, though it is free to stream your games with GeForce Now. This means that you will be “kicked” from the server and have to queue back until the time limit is reached. If this cap is to be overcome, the GeForce Now Founders version costs $4.99 a month, allowing you to stream up to six hours at a time.

While NVIDIA has been in Beta status 2017, the training wheels have finally been removed and the service opened up to everyone. Some advantages are introduced, like NVIDIA Highlights, which saves your moments instantly and makes them easy to share with your friends.

Razer Kishi on display at CES 2020

Parsec is a new player in the category of best streaming applications. The service began in 2018 and was refined into one of the best options in recent years. One of Parsec’s greatest advantages is that it can play coop games without both players having to be in the same place, not to mention the same home. This is achieved through a proprietary networking protocol which only increases latency by 7 milliseconds. It helps you to play in the cloud with your mates.

Also, this service becomes a visible versatile remote desktop tool. You can fire up Parsec to carry the game anywhere if you are stuck at home, and want to watch a movie with your buddies.

Parsec will share up to 4km with 60 FPS, delete chips and jumps that normally come with your screen sharing. There are additional advantages to 2FA, peer-to-peer workflows, and an encrypted link, so you don’t need additional hardware.

On the one hand, you have GeForce Now NVIDIA, which enables you to play cloud games without any hardware. But AMD has its cloud gaming service, which is not rich in functionality but is suitable for card-compatible users. You can start streaming all of your games right to your mobile device after setting up the AMD connection server for your Desktop PC.

Radeon™ Software AMD Link Mobile App | AMD

The AMD connection is also unique, as it can be used to display your metrics on your Smartphone as a secondary display during intensive games. With your FPS, you can see such things as the RAM and CPU use at a glance without ever leaving the game.

Hence, these were some of the easiest ways with which you stream the pc game into your laptops and enjoy!

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