Heard Of INB4 And Yet Don’t Know What It Means? Find Out Here!

If you are a frequent visitor of online message forums such as Reddit or if you are a member of the online community of games such as League of Legends, INB4 is a term that you must have come across while using these platforms. Though the abbreviation INB4 is quite frequent on media pages, it is more frequently used by users on different subreddits and discussion forums of various popular video games. In this post, we will satisfy all of your curiosity and clear your doubts on what INB4 means. 

What does INB4 mean?

INB4 is an acronym that stands for “In Before”. That doesn’t explain much about how and where to use it, and that’s because there are certain ways to use INB4 properly online. Sticking it anywhere in a sentence to replace the words “in before” is not exactly how netizens use the term. It may not turn out that everyone will know exactly what you mean when you post it on social media. 

INB4 isn’t one of the more common abbreviations you’ll see just anywhere online. Unless you’re a highly active member of a relatively popular Reddit subthreads or online message boards, chances are you probably are clueless as to what INB4 means. That’s because INB4 is always used as part of a conversation, typically as a reply to somebody else. This is why it’s such a big trend on online message boards since each topic posted by a user is meant to start a discussion, displaying a thread of replies from other users below it. 

Online community members typically use INB4 after a comment or word to predict an expected reply or action that someone else will almost unquestionably say or do. In simpler terms, when someone types INB4, they’re passing over that comment “in before” somebody else.


INB4 is comparable to the “First” trend seen across various social platforms. Users who coincidentally happen to view their social feeds as soon as a very popular account that they follow posts new content are presented with the opportunity to be the first commenter and will often post the word “First” just to show off before all the other comments start flooding in. 

You can say that INB4 sort of works the same way as saying “First,” but INB4 is always accompanied by a comment, compared to “First” is one of the only words users will type so they can post their comment as quickly as possible. 

Examples of INB4

Here are some examples below that’ll help you understand where to use INB4:

  1. In a situation where a message board user publishes a new topic of discussion that goes against the community rules and guidelines. Usage of swear words, topics promoting racism, and discussing certain issues that can hurt sentiments are mostly frowned upon in respectable online communities.

Before the topic is seen and deleted by message board moderators, a user who happens to see it might post a reply to the thread saying something like: “INB4 the mods delete the thread”

In this case, the user who replies using the INB4 comment is anticipating some kind of action. They may even use the term INB4 b& as a reply, which is a popular term with message board members, used as an abbreviation for “in before ban”. This implies that the user who posted the topic will likely be banned.

  1. Another situation where to use INB4 is when a user on an online message board starts a new topic about how he came home to find that his dog completely ruined his computer. He asks if it had ever happened to anyone else while describing the damage. After a few normal discussions that users conduct through their replies to the thread, one user decides to post the following:

INB4 doge meme

What this means is that the user is expecting that someone will post an image of the Doge meme as a joke. This may funnily be the trigger for people to post such memes.

  1. People usually make use of INB4 to respond to a predictable outcome, indicating that they foresaw what would happen earlier than it did in reality. For instance, if someone makes a post that concerns politics. A potential reply to this could be “INB4 this whole thread turns into a huge argument about Nazis”. In such a situation, the growing political response was predictable.

Hope these examples of INB4 cleared your doubts on how the term works online. As mentioned earlier, INB4 is an abbreviation that’s typically used on message boards — especially the ones where a lot of techies and nerds hang out. This term is most popularly used on 4chan, Reddit, YouTube, and boards dedicated to geeky topics like gaming, computers, and information technology. Chances are that if you try to use INB4 on the wrong message board as a community of health enthusiasts, grooms-to-be, foodies, or coin collectors, members won’t have any idea what you mean. This is one online abbreviation that holds a special place on the internet, and geek-centric online threads are pretty much it!

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