Mi Air Charge: The Greatest Invention By Xiaomi

As we have seen that every other digital company is introducing new things into the international market, Xiaomi also has launched the concept of air charging. This is extremely unique and sets Xiaomi apart from the rest of its counterparts. Almost all other smartphone companies have been trying to take their hand over the problem of battery capacity and charging, yet could not succeed. 

On January 29, 2021, Xiaomi announced its new feature and concept of mi air charge that took the entire internet aback. According to the company with the new Xiaomi mi air charge feature, the users can charge their multiple devices and phones being used with the remote charging technology. The climax is that the users will be able to charge their phones even while walking, without any strings attached. 

Hence, within the range of a specified diameter, users will be able to charge the phone even with the obstacles around. This has removed the greatest difficulty that all of us had while charging with cables and charging stands. It restricted movements and activities, but with the new mi air charge, these problems are eliminated. 

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What all devices can be charged with a wireless charger?

The latest addition added by Xiaomi states that multiple devices can be charged with the help of the mi air charger. Besides smartphones being the most obvious things to charge, the users can charge smart speakers, smartwatches and wearables, table and desk lamps and all those smart home products that will be under the Xiaomi wireless charging radar. A lot has been anticipated and it is expected to have several more functionalities, but because of any official announcement, we have to keep our fingers crossed. 

And how does the mi wireless charging work?

mi wireless

So if one wants to enable wireless charging, the company has made a prototype that consists of 144 antennae which helps with the process of transmission of millimetre wide waves into the smartphone. This entire process is called ‘beamforming.’ The waves going into the smartphone charge through the process of beamforming. 

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There is also a five-phase interference antenna that understands the location of the smartphone.  To know the location of your smartphone, there is a ‘beacon antenna’ provided in the smartphone which helps in the broadcasting of information. 

Despite all the information over the internet regarding the Xiaomi air charge, one of the Twitter spokespeople for Xiaomi has clarified that mi air charge is still under tech demo and will not be launched this year. Hence, it is still unclear regarding all the features, price, activities of the mi air charge. We are unsure of the anticipated dates too, as the company has not released any vague announcement regarding that too. There are not any details announced regarding the regulatory approvals and health risks, too. 

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More about the specifications regarding the mi air charge

Many things have been revealed regarding the specifications of the all-new mi air wireless charger. One cannot verify the veracity but cannot deem them as completely untrue, too at the same time. Hence, here are some of the specifications heard that may or may not undergo any change. 

The mi wireless charger model is said to deliver the 5W remote charging for a single device at a time and within a specified radius or diameter. The company also says that the air charger is also capable of charging multiple devices at the same time provided that each of them is supporting 5W and most importantly, they must fall under the radar of Xiaomi technology and make everything in your room wireless. If this innovation by Xiaomi succeeds, it would be quite revolutionary in the digital world and will render the world wireless. 

Some anticipated benefits of Xiaomi’s mi air charger

The everyday problem of sitting close to the charging spot would go away and this would be the best thing for corporations and big business and will lead them to probably buy Xiaomi’s hardware and devices to ease the problem of cables and wires. It will not only cut the costs that used to incur on the instalment, purchasing and setup of the charging sockets, cables and wires. This would be a great hit in the official places for sure as this is something pretty much needed there. 

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Coming to domestic places, this is also a much-needed invention. Like all the office work, classes have turned online one cannot stress enough on the fact with the need for wireless charging. All cooped up in the house doing the work makes it difficult to find a charging spot in the house. Hence, with the help of these mi air charges, one would be free from such inconveniences. 

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