Mouse Not Working In Windows 10? Quick Solutions Provided!!

Are you someone who’s Mouse not working In Windows 10? Or if you are a kind of person using Windows and your mouse or touchpad is not working? Let’s accept the fact that we face a lot of issues when it comes to the working function of the mouse not working in Windows 10. Don’t you get irritated when you are working on some important files on your pc and your mouse suddenly stops working! Well, we have covered your major issues. Read ahead to find more

Mouse not Working? Some primary tips to resolve your issues

Sometimes when your gadgets stop working like if your mouse starts acting weird, always go back to basics! That always checks your connections, which is very basic and simple but it is not compulsory to dive directly into complexity.  In case if your Mouse not working in Windows 10, you can check your cable connections, or if you have a wireless mouse, you can check your Bluetooth connections issues.

  1. Check if your mouse or wireless adapter hasn’t become ejected in its port.
  2. Also, try fully unplugging the mouse cable or wireless adapter and try to reconnect in a different port, this might solve your connectivity issues.
  3. Sometimes we have a new issue which can be solved by Restarting your Computer or Laptops

If these tricks don’t work in your system, don’t worry we have covered you up. You can read some more issues and how you can fix it up if your mouse not working or let’s say you have a computer mouse not working problem!

Due to inappropriate drivers

One of the first issues you will find in Windows 10 mouse not working problems is your system drivers. Luckily, Windows 10 takes care of your driver updates for the majority of your hardware. However, it doesn’t always go in a favorable direction, and sometimes, it doesn’t necessarily find a driver update after release. Well, that doesn’t mean you cannot install your drive manually into your device and of course, you can fix your computer mouse not working problem, you can check it out further.

Mouse not working

How can you install Driver into your device?

  1. Search for device manager in your Start Menu search bar
  2. Select the corresponding option.
  3. Browse all the way to Mice and other pointing devices
  4. Select, then, right-click your mouse and select Properties.
  5. Select the Driver tab, then Update Driver.

If you have the correct driver in your Device

If you are the one who has downloaded the correct driver, you should Browse my computer for driver software. On the next following page, use the Browse option to find the driver, then press Next. The driver will install. Reboot your system when it completes.

If you don’t have the correct Driver

If you are someone who has not downloaded a driver directly from the manufacturer, select Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows will now automatically scan your computer and the internet for any driver updates, and then you can install accordingly. Windows will inform you if there is no update and in this way, you can fix your device if your Mouse not working in Windows 10 or you are having a computer mouse not working problem.

There is no driver update available in your device?

In some cases, there might be no driver update available, you can try reinstalling the mouse driver manually. Do Note the name of your mouse or touchpad in the Device Manager, then go to the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer should provide a download of the latest version of your mouse driver and this would help you out.

If you still cannot find the relevant download on the manufacturer’s site, complete an internet search for “[PC model] windows 10 mouse driver,” or “[laptop model] windows 10 touchpad driver.” It should bring you up the correct driver for your hardware.

Once you download the new mouse driver, go back to the Device Manager. Then, back to Mouse Properties, and the Device tab. Select Uninstall and follow the instructions as given there. Now, you can install the mouse driver you downloaded manually, and restart your system and in this way, you can solve your windows 10 mouse not working problems.  (Do check if you have the correct device installed or has been installed in this case.)

 Mouse moving and disappearing Cursor

  1. One of the common Windows 10 mouse issues relates to the Realtek HD Audio Manager. Sadly, the Realtek HD Audio Manager is a culprit for audio driver issues, too. By following these steps you can fix your issues of a mouse not working in windows.
  2. Right-click the Taskbar
  3. Select Task manager
  4. Right-click and select Disable.
  5. Now, reboot your system

Well, there is good news that by disabling the Realtek HD Audio Manager, you can fix both mouse freezing and disappearing cursor issues.

And in case if you’re having problems with your left mouse button, you can fix your Windows 10 mouse problem.

Mouse Lagging and Beeping sound

Your mouse issue fix is another driver-related issue and we are here to give you some hacks to fix it. If your mouse lags and emits an unfamiliar beeping sound. Way back in 2016, Microsoft first addressed these issues, with Cumulative Updates KB3147458 and KB3147461. However, from endeavouring the following fix if you’re still experiencing some Windows 10 mouse problem lag.

If you are someone who is facing issues even after following instructions, go to the Device Manager and locate Human Interface Devices. If you observe XINPUT Compatible HID listed, this can fix your issues most probably.

First of all, you’ll need to download this version of the Xbox Wireless Adaptor for Windows and extract it to a memorable location. Go back to the XINPUT listing in the Device Manager. Right-click and select Update Driver Software.

You can select Browse my computer for driver software, then select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

Mouse not working

On the next screen, select Have Disk. This enables us to browse the system for a driver of our selection. Search the extracted files using the Browse button. Click on input, then Open, then OK.

Now you should revert to the driver selection screen where the “new” XINPUT driver will be there for selection. Press Next, then reboot your system.

If this remains an issue, then you should uninstall it and reinstall it again. In this way, you can fix your device, if your mouse not working or if you have a problem with your touchpad.

Touchpad Freezing: Touchpad not working

  1.  Well, let’s accept it that almost most of us have this glitch with our device! Some Windows 10 users report irregular touchpad freezes following keyboard use. The issue appears to relate to Synaptics touchpad drivers, possibly a symptom of a clash between Windows 10 touchpad driver settings and those you would use normally.
  2. Search for Mouse in your Start Menu search bar and select Change your mouse settings
  3. At the back of the newly opened Mouse & touchpad menu is an option for Additional mouse options.
  4.  the ClickPad tab > Settings > Advanced Tab.
  5. Change the Filter Activation Time bar back to 0 Seconds, and click OK.

These are the major issues you find in your device when your mouse not working on your computer and laptops in Windows 10. We hope this article helped you to fix your issues. From all these hacks you can actually fix your computer mouse problems.

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