Persona 5 Strikers 5 Review: A Game That Mimics Real Life Issues

Persona 5 is a video game that deals with a complicated relationship of ego clashes and modern world technologies, and it is one of its kind series that keeps people or gamers engaged in its gameplay. Since 2016, this game has attained a global level of popularity, raising the bar of gaming into an adventurous world in Tokyo which has traumatic experiences, talking cats, and other elements which the players can explore for themselves during their journey.

In this article, we will discuss more this game, hence checking out their features along with a complete Persona 5 Strikers review. If you are looking forward to enjoying this game, then this would help to know about it, especially if you are a first-time player.

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Persona 5 Strikers 

Let us first understand the overview of this game before exploring its story and characters. The Persona 5 Strikers is an action-based video game involving role-playing and is developed by the Omega Force and P-Studio, published by Atlus. This game is available for Nintendo Switch in Japan, and the PlayStation 4 from February 2020 whereas Microsoft Windows users can access it since February 2021.

The gameplay involves a story revolving around Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors and as it is a sequel, the events of the game continue after the Persona 5 game’s time, that is, exactly half a year later. The players get to investigate different people and learn about the mysterious events happening across Japan by Joker and the rest of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

The Persona 5 Strikers requires lots of concentration and console controlling skills as the player has to face several enemies at the same time hence making it a button smashing experience! It blends the real-time combat action of the former version in the series with improved battling aspects.

Both the games, which are The Persona 5 and its sequel Strikers deal with fulfilling desires and meeting up with trauma, but the latter was more inclined towards the concept that how all these energies or thoughts might react when bound to a single person. The Strikers version clearly shows a world depicting the scenarios in social media where public validation hides the private trauma and how they cannot get to know themselves while experiencing acceptability from others.

The sequel received positive feedback from the critics and the general Persona 5 Strikers review was favourable. Within April 2021, more than 1.3 million copies of the game were sold.

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Gameplay and characters

The Joker or Ren Amamiya is the protagonist in the game and can wield several or multiple personas. This is achievable once the player successfully defeats or randomly drops the mini-bosses in different dungeons. The personas won over a victory as they fuse to form new personas, in the Velvet Room.

However, the Confidant system available in its previous version is absent here, instead of which ‘Requests’ are present, which are certain side-quests, and the Bond system for gaining bonuses or grants with increasing stats is brought in. To increase the bond levels, the gamer has to have interactions with the party members, win several battles and be consistent throughout the game as the story progresses.

Active party

An active party can consist of totally four or fewer members apart from the Joker, which is irreplaceable from being an active party member. When not in a battle, the active party members are swappable by other standby party members.

The control of Joker is possible in the real world whereas all the other member’s control is free even while exploring the dungeons. The dungeons have puzzles for the players to solve and to progress one has to tackle the enemies using stealth, solving puzzles, etc.

Third Eye and Alert level

The Third Eye, similar to that in Persona 5, helps the players to know the enemy’s strengths and the interactive materials available. As the alert level of the dungeon reaches the maximum of 100%, the party has no other choice but to leave the dungeon. To prevent this forceful exit, the lowering of the alert level `by winning battles, attacking suddenly, surprise blows, etc is possible. If not, then the party can simply leave the dungeon to achieve the same.

Unlike the previous part, leaving the dungeon will not cause changes or progress in time hence there are no demerits of leaving a dungeon in the Persona 5 Strikers version.

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Game time

According to the critics who have played the Persona 5 Strikers game, the total game time is about 30 hours, to complete and progress through the entire storyline. The Deluxe edition has additional content which the players can opt for a bonus storyline.

Finally, while the player reaches the final stage of the apocalyptic end after fighting the monsters, lurching in the darkness of Japan. This sequel version aims at revealing the motivation behind every ugly post, re-tweets, quotes, etc denoting that obsessing over internet has the consequences which one must know that fame, problems are the two equally possible circumstances. 

The Persona 5 Strikers review can be wrapped by saying that it leaves back a remark of the kind of life that people live where they cage themselves and others in fear of freedom or unknown consequences. Instead of trying to let themselves out of the prison, people tend to unburden themselves by putting everything on others. This game proves to depict the fear that we all are familiar with and winning these battles possesses so much fun and adventures within.

Final words

In this article, we have covered everything about this adventurous video game and hope that this Persona 5 Strikers review was useful to decide whether this game is suitable according to your interests.

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