Razer Naga X Gaming Mouse: Full Review 2021

The 16 programmable buttons Razer Naga X wired gaming mouse was introduced. There was a mistake. Razer Naga X is ergonomically built to the right. It includes the Advanced Optical Razer 5G sensor for better precision and tracking accuracy. Also, Razer Chroma RGB lighting is available on the gaming mouse.

Razer Naga X Gaming Mouse Review

2021 just began and you assume that with CES behind us the latest product advertising will be gone. This is not the case as the latest lightweight Naga X Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse was just launched by Razer. This will be the first of several new Razer products this year if any hint were given last year.

Naga X is now the lightest Naga mouse in nature with just a weight of 85g and modified by 2nd Generation Razer Optical Mouse switches. Our analysis by Razer Naga X gaming mouse looks at the newest Naga family member and discusses whether changes and new functionality are worth upgrading.

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The tested Razer Naga x MMO Gaming Mouse features and specifications:

  • Optical Mouse Flips 2nd Gen Razer
  • Advanced optical sensor Razer 5G at 18,000 DPI
  • 16 Razer Hyper-shift programmable buttons for extended controls
  • Adjustment on-the-fly sensitivity (stops 400/800/1600/3200/6400)
  • Memory storage on-board
  • Speedflex Cable Razer cable
  • Chrome Razer RGB
  • PTFE Mouse Feet 100%
  • Just weighs 85g

What’s in the box?

  • Game mouse Razer Naga X MMO
  • Guide to product details


The Razer Naga X gaming mouse has a very similar design to the Naga Pro and Naga Trinity so whether you have read one of the magazines or you own one for yourself, you can take a familiar overview.


With the exterior configuration of the Razer Naga X, Razer hasn’t changed much. These MMO gaming mice have “all curves in the right places,” as I described in the previous reviews by Naga. Most next bit will be close to the Naga pro review with some slight changes for the Naga X  since that is the case.

When holding the mouse, the excellent construction of the mouse makes your hand relaxed. Most mice have your hand on and around the mouse, but the Naga X makes your hand very relaxed.

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The top of the mouse features a plate design which means that the mouse buttons and the palm rest are not separated at the bottom. The mouse buttons are beautifully grooved, and the fingers are relaxed. The front has a good ring of rubber texture and LED light from top to right behind the scroll wheel/middle press. Below is a button for flying DPI change. With the scroll wheel, the DPI button is slowly pulled in the groove. The Razer Snake logo is also on the palm rest. Sadly, LEDs don’t look like Naga Pro’s backlight.

Feature Designing

The right side of the mouse hops with a grooved rim like the ring finger keys. There is a rubber grip on the far side that is convenient for the pinky. Naga X has a pinching grip, which I find much easier. I see that I either swing and hold my ring finger over the side of the mouse or drag on the mouse pad with the majority of the mouse. You can’t know how much more convenient it is to use a mouse when you see one that is on the crest or spot of the mouse. Although both situations are “the standard.” It’s such a simple and distinctive design component.

The Naga X has a non-removable side with 12 buttons, while the Razer Naga Pro has 3 interchangeable right-hand plats. The 12 button grid is arranged for MMO games in three-four rows. For optional placement and access, each button is individually angled and numbered from 1 to 12.

The bottom of the mouse is distinguished by your optical sensor with two slick PFTE feet close to the front, a bigger, single-foot at the back, and a rectangular feature around the sensor, which is just below the middle of the mouse. Finally, it is good and long (almost six” in length) the Razer SpeedFlex cable included.

The Razer Naga X is like the Naga Pro a convenient and well-built play mouse. It’s much lighter at 85g-a a full 32 gm lighter-than the Naga Pro. There is certainly a lighter weight and so it is easier for the mouse to slide around when playing.


In the last few months, we have tested more than a few Razer products, so this is a renewal. That being said, Razer Naga X gaming mouse can be personalized, modified, and configured using the Razer Synapse 3 program if you haven’t read any of those other reviews or do not have a Razer mouse yet. If this is not the case the mouse may still use 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400 with default mapping and DPI settings. Naturally, you want to personalize the side buttons for optimum versatility as you are a game mouse aimed at MMOs.

You will be able to change DPI, polling rate, and lighting settings for a particular mouse mat surface after selecting the mouse, and calibrate your button mappings. The more time you will spend in the app, the more buttons will probably be mapped based on the game.

Each button can also be listed using a secondary feature for full control and personalization with Razer Hypershift, which can be accessed through Razer’s Synapse app. As with other Razer mice, you can map any available mouse button with a single keystroke or a complete macro. Razer has proposed several button mappings on its website for world of warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.


The 2nd-Gen Optical Mouse and 5G Advanced Optical Sensors are available on the Razer Naga X. the optical mouse switches to have improved contact and a poor response time of 0.2ms. The infrared light beam is used to delete conventional debounce delays, avoiding misclicks.


The advanced optical sensor can be calibrated to 18,000 DPI and has an accuracy of 99.4%. Although it’s less than Razer Naga Pro, I still have to be comfortable on any mouse, game, or other with something over 3200 DPI. Also, you can adjust the precision in the Razer Synapse 3 application by selecting a preset or custom mouse surface profile.

As for gaming, it makes an important difference when you play With MMOs once you get used to a whopping 12 buttons under your thumb. The mouse itself is highly sensitive, as one might expect from a Razer product. I did not have any problems with the clicking of the mouse or the button and once I found the correct DPI size and resolution for my computer the movements were smooth.

The Razer Naga X works well for productivity applications with plenty of shortcuts as it is an MMO gaming mouse. One app I like is Adobe Photoshop with additional button choices. It certainly takes a while to get used to what items you mapped, but if you get used to, sometimes copying, pasting, exporting, transforming, and more is possible by clicking on the button.


Razer Naga X is fairly reasonably priced for MMO gaming mouse for MRPs of $79.99. It is not only convenient and lightweight but also has a very good performance and 16 programmable customization keys.

The Ergonomic MMO gaming mouse Naga X has just been launched and is available at Amazon, Razer, and other shops.


The Razer Naga X MMO is not for all, with its 12 button side selection. However, the Naga X is a soldier, lightweight and inexpensive mouse if you are an active MMO player or find additional buttons useful in the form of productivity shortcuts. 

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