Every Game Afficiando’s Dream Monitor: Samsung G7 Odyssey| Review

Looking for the best-curved monitor to play video games? Have you heard about the Samsung G7 Odyssey?

A die-hard gamer would know that real fun in a video game does not just come from completing a task or mission or finishing the game. But to enjoy a video game to the fullest having an amazing game is just not enough. You will also require a system that can support the game’s requirements and further enhance the experience. 

Nothing can compare to the fun of playing a video game on an amazing gaming monitor. The best gaming monitor must have a great display, support the graphic, and should be fast. If you are searching for the  “Gamer’s Dream” monitors then you would find Samsung G7 Odyssey in that list.

Samsung recently released in its Odyssey lineup a new curved monitor called Samsung G7 Odyssey. It comes in two variants one with a 27-inches screen and the other one with 32-inches. It boasts a 240HZ panel with a 1m response time. It is known to be the world’s first curved gaming monitor with a 1000R curvature.

Samsung G7 Odyssey Specs

Panel type / Backlight SVA / Quantum Dot LED, edge array
Max Resolution and Refresh Rate2560 x 1440 @ 240Hz
Native Color Depth and Gamut10-bit (8-bit + FRC) / DCI-P3
Max BrightnessSDR: 320 nits & HDR: 600 nits
Contrast 2500:1
Speakers None
Video Inputs2 Display Port 1.4 and 1 x HDMI 2.0
Audio 3.5mm headphone output
USB 3.01 x up and 2 x down
Power Consumption50.6w, brightness at 200 nits
Weight 18.1 pounds (8.2kg)

Pros and cons of Samsung G7 Odyssey

What we like in Odyssey G7What we don’t like in Odyssey G7
240 Hz refresh rate at 1440pNeeds some calibration before use
Have great HDRAssembly is complex and a little tough
Impressive VA PanelNo USB-C
G-Sync and FreeSync

Samsung G7 Odyssey design

Unboxing the Samsung Odyssey G7 is easy when compared with most curved gaming monitors, but assembling it might not be that easy. We suggest attaching the support arm while the monitor itself is still tucked into the supporting foam box. With this, you can avoid any serious damage to your monitor in case you drop it by mistake.

Odyssey G7 styling is game-focused. It has two small LED lights at the front and a ring around the upright’s attachment point. The color and effect can be controlled from the OSD. The bezel is 9mm wide around the top and sides and just one inch at the bottom. At the back, the styling continues with an array of smoothly flowing lines.

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The design of the G7’s stand enables you to rotate the display and adjust the viewing angle. The adjustments include 4.7 inches of height, 15-degree rotation to either side and 9/13 degree tilt. If you want there is also an attachment provided in the box that will allow for wall mounting. A LED light is mounted on the rear side of the monitor to illuminate the wall although sadly it is not RGB.

The jack panel includes one HDMI 2.0 port and two Display port 1.4 inputs. It also comes with USB 3.0 with one upstream and two downstream ports. The Odyssey G7 does not have any in-built speaker but comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack that accommodates headphones or powered speakers. 

(Picture Credits: Android Headline)

Hands-on gaming experience with Samsung G7 Odyssey

The Samsung Odyssey G7’s extreme curve is a real asset, not only for gaming but also for general use too. The 21:9 or 32:9 screen of the Odyssey G7 will cover even more of a user’s peripheral vision. The height of a 32-inch monitor draws in the user while providing a more familiar shape for workday tasks. 

Working on documents was just as easy as when the screen was flat. Documents can be placed on the center screen with utilities off to the sides. And still, the image will be visible without any image distortion. Even at a distance of 2 or 3-foot image distortion was not an issue.

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The Odyssey G7 is equipped with engaging HDR. Its ultra-curved monitor is designed in such a way that it handles HDR very well with selective dimming. Unlike other monitors, in G7 the change in light level in practice is indistinguishable. 

In G7’s SDR mode, this screen handles an image perfectly both with and without the local dimming feature. When it’s off the contrast ratio is still over 2000:1, which is more than any IPS monitor. To have a visible difference, turn on the local dimming feature. 

This will turn on the dynamic range around 4000:1. For this to happen the dimming feature has to be on “ON” mode rather than on “AUTO” mode. In Odyssey G7 if you wish to have local dimming in HDR mode then set it to “AUTO” mode. In either case, the color is exemplary being both accurate and well saturated.

Normally, a monitor that uses a 1440p resolution only makes it up to a refresh rate between 144 to 160Hz. But the Samsung Odyssey G7 gives a refresh rate of 240Hz for the same resolution. Further, the G7 monitor comes with adaptive sync support and compatibility for both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. 

That means you can have a tear-free gaming experience. Samsung’s excellent contrast and accurately saturated color enhance the image details. Apart from giving an immersive gaming experience, the Samsung Odyssey G7 also provides an amazing viewing experience like watching a video. 

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Final words

All things considered, it is the best gaming monitor. Samsung G7 Odyssey is a pretty amazing gaming monitor with a sleek design that gives an incredible wrap-around view. It is more versatile than any average ultrawide screen. 

But it might not be everyone’s choice. If you are into the immersive gaming experience, not interested in buying multiple monitors, speed, and want a gorgeous-looking monitor. Then Samsung G7 Odyssey is made for you. We would suggest you use a pretty powerful PC to make the most use of what the Samsung Odyssey G7 has to offer.


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