Setting Different Time Zones In Google Calendar- Know How!

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.” ~ Harvey Mackay

Okay, they say that time is constant, but your time zone doesn’t have to be!

A lot of people use Google Calendar to set different time zones to manage their appointments and schedule. Google Calendar is a free web and mobile calendar that enables you to keep track of your events, schedule appointments, share your calendars, attend meetings, etc. It’s the ultimate source of managing personal and professional schedules or events. It is quite simple to use. 

If you have a Google account, you will automatically have access to the Google Calendar. You just need to go to ‘’ on the web or open the Google Calendar app on your phone to use it.

When you’re working with people from different countries, you must take into consideration that there will be different time zones for different countries. Thus you can face time-related problems at times. 

Google Calendar is one of the most used calendar platforms on the internet, and that’s because it offers a lot of features and comes with ways to customize or set your preferences and time zones. The tool is primarily used by collaborative teams, corporate sectors, etc., so if you are a part of such a team where everyone is located in different countries, having different time zones, then you may want to learn how to set different time zones in Google Calendar. 

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The advantage of using Google Calendar is that you have information about clocks from around the world. And this eases the way you handle your tasks while working with your partners, from different parts of the world. You can change your device’s time zone and create events in different time zones. No matter where and when you create an event, everyone will see it in their respective time zones. This can be helpful during your travel sessions and also make it easy to create events for people located in different places around the world.

You need to be at ease since the reminders always show up at the same hour regardless of the time zone.

Google has added some fantastic time zone features in its Calendar web app where users can set multiple time zones easily and this can help to solve multiple problems, all at once.

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Adding different time zones on Google calendar

Here’s how to set different time zones in Google Calendar:

Step 1: First you need to log in to your Google account and open the Calendar tab.

Step 2: Then you need to open the ‘Calendar Settings’ page by clicking on the ‘Gear icon’ followed by Settings at the top of the Google Calendar page.

Step 3: When the Calendar Settings page is displayed on your screen, you need to switch on the tab for ‘General settings’.

Step 4: If you click on the ‘Dropdown mark’, against your current time zone and you will be able to see a single option- your default time zone. Then you will need to tick the box reading ‘Display all time zones’ to activate other time zones.

Step 5: Then you will see a link stating ‘Show an additional time zone’, to add a new timeline to your calendar. Certain blank fields would then appear on your screen which you need to fill to choose the extra time zone.

Note:  Don’t forget to fill in the ‘Label’ field as it makes the recognition of times on the calendar view, easier.

time zones in google calendar

Step 6: After filling all the labels, you need to click on the ‘Save’ option. Then go back to the calendar page to check out how it displays an additional time zone in parallel to your default time zone. 

Step 7:  You can even change the date and time format i.e., 12-hour or 24-hour format as per your convenience. This is completely optional though.

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Setting different time zones in Google Calendar via Mobile phones

Note: You can easily set an alternative time zone in the Google Calendar app on devices like Android, iPhone, and iPad, but you need to know that It is not possible to set two time zones here, in the mobile app.

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To set different time zones in the Google calendar app on your smartphone, you first need to change the primary time zone. For that, you will need to tap the ‘Hamburger menu’ icon located at the top-left corner of the Google Calendar app.

Once you are taken to that menu, you need to scroll down and tap on the ‘Settings’ option.

In the ‘Settings’ menu, you will see the ‘General’ option. Tap on that.

To set a different time zone from the one presently set on your device, you need to tap on the ‘Use Device’s Time Zone’ option. A slider will be displayed next to that option which you need to tap on to switch it off.

Once this has been done, you need to tap on the ‘Time Zone’ option below it to set a new time zone.

From the ‘Search menu’, under the ‘Time Zone’ option, you will need to search for a country. As soon as you find the location you were looking for, tap on it to confirm it as your Google Calendar’s new time zone. 

Now, you will see that the new time zone for Google Calendar on your device will be applied automatically. Any entries in your Google Calendar will then be displayed under that new time zone on your mobile.

That’s it. Now you are set to go. Simple right? 

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With such Google Calendar features, it becomes very easy to follow appointments schedule and attend online meetings with people present at different locations around the world. If it was not for Google Calendar, we would never have known who we might be disturbing at odd timings. 

So dear readers, this was all about setting up different time zones in Google Calendar. We hope that you understood everything and this was helpful to you. 

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