Skate City Review: Get All The Details

If you are a great fan of video games, then you would be thrilled to know about the very new skate city game which was launched in 2019, by Snowman publisher and is now available on PC and console.

A cherry on the top if you are a skateboarder in real life or love skateboarding because the main theme of the game is skateboarding. You will find a skateboarder guy going through different obstacles on different levels inside the game.

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Whereabouts of the skate city game

Now it is pretty unique for a video game that is not based on shooting and killing to go viral on the internet, but there is something you must know about the skate city games that hit differently. Now starting with the basics, the skate city is a 2.5D video game that has a customizable skater which is controlled by the gamer.

The skater, which is controlled by the gamer, faces numerous challenges in the game and these challenges are set up in three big cities, i.e. Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. These are the three cities that bring different levels of obstacles and challenges for the skater. 

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How are the challenges in the skate city game like?

The next question that probably strikes your mind now is the nature of the challenges the skater (i.e. you, the gamer) has to face in each city mentioned above. Now, these cities are based on real-life inspirations, so the challenges you will face will be by your location in which you are playing in.

From point accumulation to different races, you will be faced with everything while you are inside the game. In the end, you must be able to handle the new and different controls in the game. 

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Challenges in detail in the skate city game 

As you know that the skate city game takes place in three major cities, namely, Barcelona, Oslo and Los Angeles, after selecting the city you wish to play in, you will be asked to pick up a challenge. For any city you have chosen in the above step, you will have to choose between two options: The endless skate or the challenge.

While in reality if we see, the endless skate is not a challenge because all you have to do is to skate endlessly in the streets and the roads of your preferred city in an infinite loop with obviously no time fixed. If you want to score points in the ‘Endless skate’ option, then you have to perform tricks while you are skateboarding.

From ollies to nollies, several skateboarding tricks can nothing was challenging be done by moving the analogue stick left and right. 

If you are bored or too trained to play the ‘Endless skate’ then you can switch over to the ‘Challenge’ section which has its thrill. There are not one, but many different kinds of challenges that you will be asked to perform while playing the game. One of the challenges is the ‘Callout’ challenge where you have to perform a trick that is prompted on the screen of your laptop or monitor.

Another challenge in the skate city is the ‘Beach Race’ in which you have to race with the AI rival. Another one is the LAPD challenge in which you have to outrun a policeman that is left after you. If you haven’t noticed, it is evident that challenges not only differ from each other but also in the difficulty levels, therefore you don’t have a difficult time especially if you are a beginner in the skate city game. 

Another important issue that most of the players seem to miss is that the names of the challenges discussed above are different for each city. Hence, if you are playing in Barcelona then the LAPD challenge in Los Angeles will be called High Stakes on the map of Barcelona. 

Skate city reviews 

skate city

Along with the positive reviews that it has got there are many negative reviews. Let us have a look at the skate city reviews.

  • Many players have found the game to be lacking thrill as compared to the first-person shooting games that gave them larger-than-life and dangerous challenges. Moreover, the users found it to be a casual game that can be played for fun as there was nothing challenging offered by it.
  • Others find the easy and casual game quite relaxing for their mind and even the meditating sound and relaxing visuals quite helpful to make themselves at peace. 
  • Also, there are no microtransactions inside the game, so this is another big benefit for the players. 

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Final words

These are the skate city reviews, both positive and negative to help you give an idea regarding the game that was launched on  PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X on May 6.

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