Want To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account? Steps You Need To Follow

Facebook can be a helpful tool to keep in contact with friends and families but for others, distractions, constant advertising, dubious ad policies, and frequent quizzes are part of the true experience. It is very quick to uninstall Facebook if you find the social media giant is no longer especially helpful or important.

Notice that the process will take up to 90 days and all posts and messages can be backed up. Naturally, you can briefly disable your Facebook account if that’s a little extreme and you just want to take an abstract break.

How to permanently delete your facebook account?

The method is not very different if you have had sufficient of the site and would like to fully erase Facebook from your life. Moreover, you no longer need to think about the separate removal of Messenger because the simple method handles both.

Note that up to 90 days can be taken to remove the details from Facebook’s servers, even though this is not available by users. Furthermore, you can’t connect to other sites, such as Pinterest, Spotify, or any amount of games on your Facebook account anymore.

How to permanently delete my facebook account?

  1. Link to your account on Facebook.
  2. To the top right, press the button.
  3. Choose settings.
  4. Choose your details on Facebook.
  5. Please press the delete option.
  6. Select delete account Indefinitely, then continue to delete the account.
  7. Enter your password, then press proceed. Click delete account.

You can cancel this procedure if you change your mind by logging in and pressing Delete Cancelation within 30 days. Otherwise, within 90 days, your Facebook details will be deleted. However, some information may remain in backup servers, and for legal purposes, Facebook can preserve information.

How to deactivate your facebook account?

You may want to disable Facebook if you do not want to uninstall Facebook you are afraid of later regretting the decision. If your Facebook account is deactivated, it will look as if it had been removed, and every content will be lost.

Delete Facebook or deactivate account,PERMANENTLY DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

Reversibility is the biggest difference between withdrawing and disabling your Facebook account. You can reactivate the platform to restore your contacts, posts, and pictures any time if you wish to return. Another significant distinction is that your Messenger account is still active and must be disabled separately.

Deactivating facebook

  • Login to your account on Facebook.
  • To the top right, press the button.
  • Hit settings and confidentiality.
  • Choose settings.
  • Chose from the left menu Your Facebook info.
  • Click the disable option.
  • Pick account disabled, then proceed Account disabled.
  • To validate disabling, follow the instructions.

Your profile will vanish from Facebook instantly, but you can still see some of your posts, such as those shared on a friends’ wall. Your current friends can still see your name and people will still search for messages via Messenger. They will be able to view your name.

All you need to do is log in on any computer if you wish to reactivate your account. If not, you get much of the disadvantages of deleting Facebook without deleting it.

How to download a backup of your facebook data? 

Still strong on Facebook’s decision to delete? You should take a while to remember all the material you have put on the site over the years. When you click delete, you will have lost all your photos, notes, status changes, etc. You should search the complete list on your details page if you are unsure what it is.

Download data before you delete Facebook

The good news is you don’t have to stop that. A backup of all your data can be quickly accessed by Facebook. The choice to disable or uninstall your account appears in the same section.

How to download facebook data?

  1. Login to your account on Facebook.
  2. Upper right click on the arrow.
  3. Hit settings and privacy.
  4. From the left menu, select your Facebook information.
  5. Find your details download and press view. Download information.
  6. Select the dates, data type, and size, and press Build file.
  7. You will get a message and can download the file when the file is ready.

The time it takes depends on the amount of data on Facebook and the types of data that you try to extract. It can take sometimes several seconds to hours, but the finished file can be downloaded from any number of devices.

Be sure to download the file before forget about it, after a couple of days you have asked that it expire. Repeat the procedure to generate a new file if you forget.

Difference between deleting and deactivating  facebook account

If you disable your Facebook account, you can leave and return whenever you want. If you disable your account, people won’t be able to access your Facebook timeline, but messages sent to those who sent them will still be available. You may want to fly, research, heal or spend some time on Facebook if you do not want anyone to put stuff on your wall or tag you in posts while you are away. You can disable your account as long as you want whenever you want. If you are prepared to return, you will be waiting for your friends and your pictures.

What is difference between deactivate and delete?

You will never be able to regain access to your Facebook account if you permanently delete your account. 

Facebook warns that all items you have shared, such as images, changes of status, or other data saved in the backup system will take up to 90 days to delete. However, you do not have access to details about other users using Facebook as it is being removed. 

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