3 Things You Must Remember When Streaming PC Games On Your Phone

How many times have we wished for the availability of PC games on smartphones? The answer is every time we open our PC to play games. The major drawback of playing games on PC is that you do not play from the place of your comfort. Here is what you must remember before you stream PC games on smartphone.

You have to get up and sit in front of the pc to play games whereas, if you had the game on your smartphone then had the ease of playing the game while lying in your bed curled up in the blanket.

Therefore instead of spending long hours sitting and tiring oneself, one should learn to stream pc games on smartphones.  

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What is the procedure to stream pc games on smartphones?

Without diving into a minute or extreme detail, the procedure and working are quite simple. Like you run steam on your pc or your laptop and play games on this platform, you will do the same but at the same time, you can stream your display to other home devices like your android phone, iPhone, or tablet. Moreover, one does not need to have a high-end graphics card or a processor on their phone to be able to stream pc games on smartphones. 

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What are the requirements to stream pc games on smartphones?

Now if you want to stream pc games on phone then you must take care of certain things as they are required in the procedure of streaming pc games on the phone. Without any of them, you would not be able to stream pc games on phones. 

The first thing to take care of is the good gaming laptop which is quite obvious as it is the starting point for streaming games. After you check off pc games from the list of requirements, then you should get a decent router. 

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A decent router that is faster than 802.11 ac, as this is the most recommendable and perfect for the room online which your pc and router are kept to give you an optimum internet connection speed. But if you can make your internet connection wired, then this is the best method to better your internet connection. After having a gaming ps, a stable internet connection is a must to avoid stuttering and stopping your games in between or reducing the game resolution. 

The last is to choose the device in which you want to stream your pc game and this one is the easiest to do. The only thing you should be caring about is keeping up the battery level of the phone throughout your game. Secondly, even though this is not important, a larger phone screen gives more enjoyment and thrill while playing the game. 

How to stream PC games on smartphones?

It might sound complicated and a lot of work until now, but the truth is that streaming pc games on your phone is not at all difficult. One only needs to follow a given procedure and your work is done. Here is how to stream pc games on smartphones: 

  1. Choose a streaming application that you find suitable 

The first thing you should do is to choose between steam link, moonlight, and AMD link. All these applications work on both android and iPhone so either of the operating systems does not receive a greater advantage. 

The moonlight app is not only available on android and iOS but can be found in chrome too. All you need is an Nvidia card on your PC. For AMD, it has a special app for Radeon users that is called AMD link. You need to choose between these three and pick.

Though, it is recommended that you go with the steam link if you are a beginner. One must always remember that your streaming quality depends on your device and internet connection quality.  

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  1. Connect a gamepad to the smartphone 

If you are not new to gaming or new to streaming, you would know that playing with the touchpad takes all the essence of gaming. If you are new, then you would be surprised to know that everyone has more manipulation and dexterity at controls with a gamepad in their hands rather than giving commands by touching. 

stream pc games on smartphone

You can use a wireless ps4 controller that works with Bluetooth or if you have an iPhone then you can use an MFi controller. If you have a wired controller then there is no point in using a wireless one as it works well while streaming too. But if you are searching for the best then go for the game vice controller. 

  1. Set up the steam link 

Launch the steam link app and enter the PIN of 4 digits and start playing the game. Before you start to play make sure that the network is stable and after it, you can begin streaming. 

These were the quick guidelines to stream pc games on your smartphone via streaming applications. 

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