Lost Your iPhone? Here’s The Guide With Steps To Track And Find Your iPhone

Smartphones have become the mandatory gadget that everyone owns or wants. It helps us to connect, learn and do whatever we want at our fingertips. Apart from finding the nearest restaurants or a cab, this gadget is the storage with all your inputs such as photos, bank details, passwords, etc.

Also, if it reaches the wrong hands, one might access the social media accounts linked with the smartphone. These are the reasons behind people getting tense or having a panic attack when they lose or miss their smartphone. If you have lost your iPhone and want to track your lost iPhone online, then this article is the right solution for it.

When one realizes that someone has stolen their iPhone, that moment is frightening as it gives access to all the information it holds to strangers, and this unauthorized breach is of high sensitivity. In this article, we will check out the steps to track and find the lost iPhone. 

iPhone has several features that if used right then it reduces the risk of losing it drastically. In case, you have a passcode enabled or have the Find my iPhone activated then it improves the chances of tracking the iPhone.

Important tips for better security

All iPhone users must enable either the Face ID or the Touch ID feature as it acts as an extra layer of protection. Even though one might find this inconvenient, this would prevent its access until it recognises the fingerprint or face on the device, hence keeping the personal data safe and other vital information safely locked.

So, as the first step, enable these in-built securing features as it will simply protect you from others viewing or using your bank details, checking personal chats, addresses, contacts, location, etc.

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Steps to track your lost iPhone online

Once the passcode is set, each time the device is locked, it would request to scan either the fingerprint or the face of the owner based on the type of lock. These extra steps are the key to safety and further track your lost iPhone online with the help of the Find My iPhone and iCloud account.

Using the Find My iPhone application

The Find My application is the one-stop solution to keep track of all Apple devices. This shares the location of the devices amongst the chosen friends or family members and works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, AirPods, AirTag, and Mac even when not connected to the internet.

It shows multiple devices linked with this application on a map with their exact location. Here are the steps to activate it on an iPhone:

Step 1

Unlock the iPhone and open the device Settings. Click on the top of the screen, on the ‘User’s name’. 

Step 2

Tap on the iCloud and scroll down to search for Find My iPhone. Make sure to enable them for the best tracking of the device. Upon enabling this feature, an automatic activation lock prevents anyone from selling or using the device, unless one enters the Apple ID and password. The same are the credentials to erase or reactivate the iPhone, hence the smartphone becomes inaccessible for strangers!

Finding iPhone that is switched off

The same application as mentioned earlier is useful to track your lost iPhone online from an iPad even if it is dead. However, it does not reveal the real-time location but the latest location before the battery or device is dead is indicated. Here are the steps to track the device:

Step 1

Open the Find My app on  Ipad and click on the Devices tab. This will open the map consisting of all the devices with this feature enabled and linked to it.

Step 2

If the iPhone is dead then it would appear on the sidebar of the map. It would appear as a blank screen. On the other hand, if the device is turned on then it displays the active home screen of the iPhone.

Step 3

To track your lost iPhone online and get directions to reach it, click on the device from the list. On the display, it provides route guidance either for walking or driving concerning your place. When the phone is on but not connected to the internet then the Play Sound feature is useful to locate the iPhone.

Step 4

Click on the Notify When Found toggle to receive notifications about changes in location on the iPad in the future.

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Using the web browser

Similar to the iPad, the Find My application when accessed through a web browser helps to find and track your lost iPhone online from iCloud.com. Here are the steps to do the same:

Step 1

Open any web browser and type the URL icloud.com or open the Find My device application on the desktop or laptop.

Step 2 

Enter the credentials that are the Apple ID and password to sign in. Now, click on the ‘Find iPhone’ app icon on the browser. 

Step 3

To open the list of all devices, click on the All devices option located at the top and select the missing smartphone.

Step 4

Find the location of the device on the map.

Using the IMEI number 

Every smartphone has a unique IMEI number which helps to track the device. Note this number beforehand and for iPhone, dial *#06# to get it. In case the iPhone is lost and you do not have the number then here are the steps to find IMEI of lost iPhone using iTunes:

Step 1

To proceed with these steps, the lost iPhone should have been connected to iTunes beforehand. Now, open the iTunes application on a desktop or laptop.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Preferences’ option located on the left corner on the top or find it from the ‘Edit menu’.

Step 3

From the iTunes preferences menu, click on the devices option. Now, move the cursor over the lost iPhone’s name. A popup has the following information:

  • The device’s phone number
  • IMEI number of your iPhone
  • Serial number of your device

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Final words

In this article, we have covered the various steps to track your lost iPhone online and get its exact location even when the device is dead or in offline mode. Hope these tips and precautions will prevent any issue caused due to losing the iPhone in the future.


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