Want to Connect Switch to Laptop? – Here’s What you Need to Know!

Love playing games? Do you want to connect Switch to laptop?

Most people love to spend their leisure time doing something relaxing. Few of them like to socialize by going out with friends or family and few of them like to spend that time for themselves. Such people enjoy spending their time reading books, or Netflix and chill or playing video games. 

If you are a “leisure time gamer” and own a Nintendo Switch, then you know the Nintendo Switch console is a great way to enjoy a game. You might have even thought of connecting it to other devices like laptops or computers and use them as monitors.

Among several other options, the Nintendo Switch attracts its popularity mainly because it allows its users to play games on a bigger screen. If you are wondering how to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop and whether it is possible to connect Switch to a laptop. 

In this article, we focus on answering the question “is it possible to connect Switch to the laptop” and if yes, then how to connect Switch to laptop properly. 

What is a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is the name of a video game tablet console that was released in the year 2017. It acts as a hybrid console, which means you can use this console as a home console and also as a portable device.

Besides its hybrid feature, this video game console also allows you to play popular games on a big screen with a proper WiFi connection. It is very popular among gamers as it lets them enjoy a gaming experience in TV mode, Tablet mode, and as well as in handheld mode.

Can you connect Switch to Laptop?

If you are looking for how to connect Switch to laptop directly then the answer is “NO”. No, you cannot connect Switch to laptop directly. But with the help of some external tools, it is possible to connect Switch to the laptop. 

One major reason why you can not connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop is that the laptops come with an HDMI-out port. However, to connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop you will require an HDMI-in port. The HDMI-out port lets the laptop display something on an external device. But to get a signal from an external device to your laptop you will need an HDMI-in port.

If now you are thinking about how to connect Switch to laptop then you can connect it using a capture card and then connect the capture card to the switch. After that, your laptop will be able to receive signal-in via an external device.

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How to connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop?

  1. Nintendo Dock
  2. HDMI cable
  3. A Video Capture Card
  4. Software
  • Nintendo Dock:

The Nintendo Switch Dock comes along with your console, you don’t have to buy it from anywhere. The Nintendo Dock will help you have the screen displayed on your laptop. You just have to connect the switch into the dock and then connect few cables. After this, your game gets viewed on a bigger screen.

  • HDMI Cable:

You can use any HDMI Cable available in your house, if you want you can even use the HDMI cable that comes with the Nintendo Switch Package. This cable transmits uncompressed video and audio signals with clear images and a multi-audio channel.

  • Capture Card:

A capture card is used for capturing high-definition video streams or game streams from OS4 or Xbox One. Professional-level gamers use this card for live streaming and also to convert old movies into HD format. 

One of the best choices for a capture card is Elgato Gamer, Capture Card. It is the best-selling and as well as top-rated capture card available in the market. If you want you can even search online for other good capture cards. The capture card will help you with its feature of an HDMI-in port and HDMI-out ports. 

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  • Software:

You will need software that can capture the video and show it on your laptops’ screen. Such software can be even used for live-streaming a video. If you already have any such software pre-installed with you, then you can use that. Otherwise, you can download OBS Studio or Elgato to get the job done.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop?

As the laptop screen will be used as a TV screen, you will have to put the switch in the dock during the time you want to play Switch using a laptop screen as a monitor.

  1. Disconnect the HDMI cable connection of the Nintendo Switch that is connected to a TV.
  2. Now, take the capture card and search where the HDMI-in port is located in that card. Once you have located it, connect the Switch’s HDMI cable to the Capture Card’s HDMI-in port.
  3. Now, locate the game capture software that you have downloaded and Open the software on your laptop and switch off the Nintendo Switch using a home button.
  4. Use a USB cable to connect the capture card and the laptop. The game capture software will detect the Nintendo Switch on your laptop.
  5. On that game capture software, click on the full-screen button and then your Switch footage will be shared on the laptop screen.

Hopefully, this article cleared your doubts and helped you to connect Switch to the Laptop properly without causing any trouble, and allowed you to experience your game in laptop mode. 

However, if you are unable to purchase an HDMI capture card to connect Switch to Laptop due to some reasons. Or if the game is not functioning properly on your laptop due to some error while connecting the Switch to a laptop, then you can still play the Nintendo games on your laptop.

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But, the number of Nintendo games available for your laptop will be limited. You can not access Nintendo’s first-party franchise games such as Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Super Mario without properly following the procedure mentioned.

All these games are available in the Microsoft App Store for the Windows operating system, but you will have to pay a price and purchase those games to enjoy them completely.

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