4 Techniques To Add YouTube Specific Time

The American online-based video sharing platform, Youtube, was created in February 2005 is now the second most visited website after Google’s search engine. Youtube was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim who were former employees of PayPal, and later it was bought by Google in November 2006. Since then, it is functioning as one of the subsidiaries of the Google company.

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This popularity and acceptance on a global scale are mainly because of the unique features that these platforms provide their viewers, users, and content creators. In this article, we will focus on one such feature called YouTube specific time, its uses, and the techniques to share Youtube videos at a specific time. 


YouTube is a platform that allows its users to upload videos, view the previously uploaded contents, rate, share, and add them to create playlists. Further, the users can also report, comment on different contents, and subscribe to the video creating pages.

The content range from music videos, short films, movie trailers, educational videos, show clippings, documentary films, etc hence this platform allows people from different backgrounds to share their content on a global scale. 

Youtube specific time

Apart from the registered users or individuals but contents are generated by several media corporations such as the BBC, Vevo, CBS, Hulu, etc. as part of their Youtube partnership program. However, there are no restrictions for viewing the content except for certain videos that are available for the registered users, affirming the fact that they are 18 or above years old.

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Every video has the following features on YouTube: 

  • Adjustment of video resolution or video quality
  • Uploading and formats adjustments
  • Live streaming, 3D videos, 360-degree videos, pre-recorded videos, etc can be created.
  • Playback options like – video quality, speed, viewing modes, etc are available.

Youtube specific time

A YouTube video ranges from a time frame of 15 minutes to 12 hours based on the type of users, which can be played and shared across platforms so that others can also enjoy the same.

The specific time feature allows the users to choose a particular start point or the timeline, that forms a part of the entire video for the ease of sharing exactly the content that they want to.

This is very useful as in the case of sharing longer videos, the sender can select the exact point from which the receiver needs to see the video instead of streaming the entire content, which could be a tedious task for both of the recipients.

Techniques to share Youtube video at a specific time

If you want your friends or family to view a video but directly skip to the good part, then this feature is a perfect choice. Here are different techniques to do the same:

Using the right-click menu

Step 1

Stream the video and pause at the exact point from which you want the receiver to play once shared with them.

Step 2

Right-click on the video player screen or the video frame to open the menu. From the menu, click on the ‘get video URL at current time’ option. This will create the URL link such that the video plays from the same point.

Step 3

Copy the URL and paste it wherever you want to, to send them to others. On clicking the link, it would be forwarded to the specific time.

YouTube specific time feature
Using the ‘Start At’ option

Step 1

Open YouTube from its official website and click on the video to be shared. Pause the video at the time from which it has to be shared. Now, click on the ‘Share’ option located below the video player.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Start at’ option box, to enable the feature and the specific time would be fixed. This change can even be viewed in the URL.

Step 3

The currently paused timing of the video would be fixed and updated on the box automatically which can be edited manually by typing the time. The time should be set as zero at the first digit if the specified time is to be set in less than one minute.

Step 4

Copy the URL and paste it wherever you want to, to send them to others. On clicking the link, it would be forwarded to the specific time.

Using the comment section

This technique can be used if you do not mind disclosing the video timing that you are sharing to the recipient as well as others because it can be viewed by those reading the comments section.

However, one advantage is that you need not share the video link separately as the recipient would be notified once it is posted on the comments section with the specified timing.

Step 1

Open Youtube and play the video for which the specific time has to be fixed and shared. Go to the comments section below.

Step 2

In this section, where the users can share their views as comments, type ‘ + recipient’s name’ and the exact or specific time you want the video to begin from. Finally submit it as a comment.

Step 3

After submitting, the recipient whose name was linked in it would be notified on their Google+ profile along with the specific time at which the video was fixed or paused at. The time should be set as zero at the first digit if the specified time is to be set in less than one minute.

Add timestamp to Youtube link

This is an important feature that allows the content creators to add timestamps on their YouTUbe video link such that the viewers can choose the part of the video they want to watch instead of streaming the entire video. Here are the steps to add a timestamp to the video link:

Step 1

Open the video on YouTube and select its URL from the address bar.

Step 2

Format and add the number of seconds or minutes after which you want the video to be played. For example, type ‘t = 1m20s’ where t denotes time and the time should be expressed as minutes and seconds. This must be added to the link.

Point to be noted: If the link ends with ‘?’ then add ‘&’ before ‘t’, for example, type ‘&t=1m20s’ instead of the previous format.

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In this article, we have covered everything about Youtube-specific time along with the steps to add timestamps and their uses. Hope this was useful to enhance the YouTube video streaming experience.

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